Rip Ray Liotta

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Redhelen72 | 18:20 Thu 26th May 2022 | News
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Passed away in his sleep
What a shocker


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indeed, always unnerving when someone younger than me dies. RIP, a fine actor.
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He was a great actor
I never comment on RIP threads, but I'm making this an exception.

This is incredibly sad.

He was a first class actor - his performance in The Goodfellas was, for my money, one of the best I've seen, possibly only pipped by Brando in The Godfather and Travolta in Pulp Fiction.

He brought about a menace to roles that was unsurpassed.
Aww, that is a shock. Great actor. RIP Ray.
OMG that really is shocking news. He was a true star.
Oh I loved him. RIP Ray.
67? I didn't realise he was that old. Even so, far too young. I too love Goodfellas and it's repeated often on Sky Movies. I also enjoyed his performance in Something Wild ... RIP Ray Liotta.
I’ve never heard of him.
^ Nor have I
Naomi - they’ve just put Goodfellas on Sky.

I recommend it - Liotta, De Nero and Pesci. It is a truly brilliant film.
Brilliant actor

R.I.P. Ray Liotta
Oh no! That is sad, RIP Ray

A friend of mine had a crush on him back in the 90s.
Thanks, DD. I’ll have a look.
Ray Liotta I thought WAS a gangster
I must be thinking of Sal Cement Shoes Spaghetti or someone or Carlo Char-Grill Carbonara....
67 is not old but anyway its a great way to go,
he was good, of course goodfellows and
Loved Goodfellas, RIP
In my opinion Goodfellas is the best gangster film, most say The Godfather or possibly Scarface but I say Goodfellas edges it. Joe Pesci is just amazing as the totally psychotic Tommy and compliments Ray Liota's Henry, this is a wonderful scene with the two of them:

^^^ I should say the best American gangster film, the actual best gangster film is of course "The Long Good Friday".

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Rip Ray Liotta

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