Barking Mad?

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wolf63 | 13:30 Thu 26th May 2022 | News
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When I first saw this story I will admit to thinking that he'd had plastic surgery. The truth is not quite extreme but it is still a strange thing to actually do.

I would have preferred to be a German Shepherd.


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I guess you can identify as anything these days.

If he's happy and not s****g peoples legs then who cares.
It's the crapping on carpets i'd be worried about.
My wife says most dogs are much better housetrained than most men, Ken.
I have no idea what she means
// barking mad? //

so far past Barking that the District Line has run out of stations to insinuate his sanity, and he's well on his way to Leigh-on-Sea.....
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Mushroom - was he barking and havering?

It makes me feel sane.
surely most sane people just dress up as Marvel characters?
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A friend told me a story. They were staying somewhere in London where they all slept in a big room like in old Youth Hostels.
One guy was going to some convention that had My Little Pony merchandise.
The guy slept in his MLP pyjamas at night. He also dressed up during the day. The guy was totally relaxed looking like a giant toddler whilst staying with total strangers.
Hopefully one day he will feel adult enough to be a superhero and dress appropriately.

tch, and me without my camera...
1st gangnam style.. now doggie style.. cooool
bet he can't scratch his ***** with his leg . . .

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Barking Mad?

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