We Have Sanction Russia For Being A Pariah State, When Will We Address The China Problem?

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youngmafbog | 17:10 Wed 25th May 2022 | News
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The Chinese are not our friends. We, the West, have seen the problems caused by relying heavily on tyrannical regimes so when are we going to sort out the China issue?


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China is more powerful than Russia and does not threaten Europe in the sane way.
That’s the sad reality.
> does not threaten Europe in the sane way

Nor does Russia ...
Same way lol

Russia doesn’t threaten Europe?
Have I read that correctly?
I was mocking your typo ...
Oh how humiliating :-)
Let's just have one cost of living crisis at a time hey.
As soon as they start a "special operation" against Taiwan
Question Author
Why does it have to be a war to jolt us?

Surely better to start taking action now in a bit by bit process than be stuck with the Big Bang we have got from dealing with Russia?
Because a war is a war: it’s the same scenario as Ukraine itself; that war started 8 years ago and should have been dealt with better then but it’s always the shock of something really big that jolts you into action. And the situation affects us less. That is maybe not right but it’s the reason
Put on your big boy pants youngmafbog, then take a deep breath, just spend just a few seconds thinking about what the outcome maybe.
Question Author
Yes, but shouldn't "Lessons be learnt" ?
China was the UK's sixth largest export market in 2019, accounting for 4% of all UK exports of goods and services (around £30b).

China was the UK's fourth largest source of imports in 2019, accounting for 7% of UK imported goods and services (Around £50b).

Diplomacy, with a firm eye on our economic relationship, is called for.
//so when are we going to sort out the China issue//

When the western world stops relying on cheap Chinese manufacturing.
Go figure
Currently the civilised world is ranged up again Russia and its war crimes, genocide and ethnic cleansing in Europe, something not witnessed on this scale since WWII.
Apart from anything else, we simply cannot do the same thing at the same time with China. Diplomacy especially at this time is important, although that is little comfort to the Uighurs I agree. And as previously observed, China's relative economic power makes it much harder. We make an enemy of the Chinese even more than they are now and we risk alienating them to the extent that we drive them into Russia's camp, just when they are having more than second thoughts of backing the lame horse that is Putin.
Besides which, Xi himself may already be in trouble: unlikely to depart the scene, but his draconian Covid policy is very unpopular, as you might imagine, is costing the Chinese economy, and his prime minister is plainly not onside with him. Sad as it is, we may have to scowl and bear what is happening for now.
We haven't sanctioned Russia for being a pariah state. We have sanctioned them because they have made an unprovoked attack on a neighbouring sovereign state.
China will have watched what happened to Russia, they wont want any of the same. They rely on exports to the west, the last thing they need is to be turned into another pariah. They are also more measured and sensible and their leader is not an all powerful despot like mad Vlad is. I don't think they'll do anything but posture about Taiwan as they have for decades anyway.
I'm sure we'd love to solve all the world problems now, but practically we can only prioritise one at most at any one time. Although where there is more than one large issue then second priority needs to know we could get involved if they tried anything. But it's still a question of knowing what can be done as opportunities arise rather than scheduling a date. The west have made it clear that Chinese attempts at expansion have been noted and we have the Aussie's back. As for their internment camps and genocide denials, these probably could be brought up with the recent evidence, at the UN, just to keep the issue 'alive'. What with Russian military rapidly becoming a busted flush under Putin, China must be aware their window of opportunity is running out. Then, of course, there is N. Korea, and Lord knows how many African and S. American nations need advising too.
Plenty of channels to watch on this subject at YouTube.

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We Have Sanction Russia For Being A Pariah State, When Will We Address The China Problem?

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