Anonymous So Called Whistle Blowers

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saintpeter48 | 09:39 Wed 25th May 2022 | News
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Why remain anonymous if you've got something to say, who needs enemies when so called work mates are selling their souls to the media, have the courage of your convictions and come out into the open.
The Panorama programme about 'partygate' last night reminded me of the Markle and the Oprah interview, with Kuenssberg gasping and opened mouthed with some of the answers, it was sickening to watch and the BBC hammering another nail in its coffin.
These leeches that are dishing the dirt with their jackanory stories need to man up, if you've got something to say then say it, don't hide behind a camera, there will be a lot of whispering going on in the office today, 'is it him, is it her', utterly shameful!!


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Cowards Saintpeter, I agree 100%
well we have had a lady Whistleblower here in Belfast who blew the lid on the horrendous conditions of farm animals and thankfully won her case. I believe Whistleblower word/name should be changed or abolished because I think it is a horrible name to call anybody who is trying to "better" the situation. "Whistleblower" should be taken off the dictionary.

PS - I didn't watch the Meg and Hal story - the above is just my opinion.
"These leeches that are dishing the dirt with their jackanory stories need to man up,"

What evidence do you have that their claims are false?
I don't think there can be many people who don't believe that all/most of the Boris-gate photographs have been leaked by Dominic Cummings.
Released at the 'right' time an innocuous photo can assume a narrative which was not there at the time.
If they are still working there they may want to keep their jobs and have exhausted all other options.
Not many people can say principles come before eating.
I was about to say the same as Redhelen. I don't see what is wrong with the phrase "whistleblower" either.
Question Author
corbyloon, what evidence do you have that their claims are true?
I don't agree that if you have information that needs to be known that you must expose yourself to stress and potential attacks by telling all who it was. That sounds like an attempt to keep individuals quite about wrongdoing. And that's the sort of thing that let's certain religions, DJs, TV personalities, etc. abuse the vulnerable.
QUIET !!!!!
It is isn’t it.
"It was sickening to watch." So don't watch. Unless, of course, you only watched so that you could come on here and gripe about it.
SAINTPETER, as you're the one making the assertion, it's up to you to substantiate the claim.
The rule is:
If you sympathise with the "whistleblower" it's ok
If you don't, they're baaad man.

I wonder if you would disagree or call them cowards if the situation was different - say women being abused by men in power?
What in any case is to be gained by not being anonymous?

We are all anonymous here and we sometimes say the most frightful things :-)
But that's ok of course ...
I'm with Redhelen.

There are many instances in the workplace where if it is not said anonymously then things will not change. Plus the person 'whistleblowing' would suffer immensely. I have seen this happen.
you speak and you get fired
that is a good outcome
in some countries - you speak and you get imprisoned/ shot or poisoned
but hey you really knew that innit?
no come on punters
he had to watch to measure how sickening it all was
be fair
Youngmabog. Said whistleblower suffered immensely anyway

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Anonymous So Called Whistle Blowers

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