Mass Shooting At School In Texas

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tiggerblue10 | 23:04 Tue 24th May 2022 | News
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Children and a teacher murdered by an 18 year old who was shot dead by police and more families lives ripped apart by a crazed gun man or terrorist.

How easy is it to get hold of a gun in the US? Do you need a licence? How do you stop someone with mental health issues getting hold of them?


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1 Very very easy
2 Not in most states
3 You cannot
poor kids - RIP
( that is an Arena's worth ( 22 ) which was five years ago)
>>> How easy is it to get hold of a gun in the US? Do you need a licence?

The laws vary state by state. For example, only a few states ban ownership of assault weapons:
(If you want to read the full article that that graphic is taken from, see here: )

In California, for example, Congress passed a law in 2019 denying access to semi-automatic weapons to anyone under 21 years of age. However that has recently been ruled unconstitutional, meaning that they're now available again to anyone aged 18 or over, even though it's illegal to buy cigarettes or alcohol if you're under 21:

It has been estimated that their are about 390 million guns in public ownership in the USA. (See my 'full article' link above). That's in country with a population with about 258 million adults.
oh sweet mother of lord... :-(
Truly appalling & heartbreaking. RIP, kids & teacher.
they've outlawed abortion past about 6 weeks in Texas, but there's no way they'll be outlawing guns
There's been a number of shootings there over the past few weeks...all senseless of course. My brother says..."the world must think we are crazy." Unfortunately...yes.
And oh Lord...those children were just babies.
Oh I despair. I joked today with Bobbi that I was going to become a hermit. There are times when I look around the world and maybe I could... :-(
It’s heartbreaking. I can’t read about it, the impotent rage it induces in me, reduces any spiritual aspirations that l may have for mankind. Are we a doomed species?
The usual shock and bewilderment at another horrific, unimaginable atrocity in a country obsessed with guns. It pains me to say that it’s such a regular occurrence there one almost becomes detached from it now. They had their chance after Sandy Hook and still did nothing.
Been happening all my life, no doubt such horrors will continue ad infinitum until there is a total ban or a change in the constitution.
Until then, more innocents will suffer and families will be destroyed.
RIP little ones.
It seems that way, David Small. I feel so guilty about the world I am leaving for my children and grandchildren.
The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.”

You can buy a gun at Walmarts , together with your weekly shopping .

So long as the foregoing is in place , then this sort of appalling acts will continue to be common place .

In fact there are so many guns in circulation in the US, that even if the Amendment was changed ( and the gun lobby will see that that does not happen anytime soon ) it would be too late to change the American attitude to gun ownership

Sadly these appalling acts will continue
I fear he is in a minority

Another dreadful atrocity. I wonder how many family members who have lost loved ones to crazed shooters would want to see a change in America's gun laws?
Another senseless slaughter, and I imagine that a lot of the relatives of those gunned down are staunch supporters of the "right to bear arms" especially as it happened in Texas.

The American response after Sandy Hooke (sp) - arm the teachers.

Some years ago, JacktheHat suggested something along the lines of let them have their guns, but ban the ammunition, or something along those lines.
Latest reports now claim the number of children killed has risen to 18.
"Shooter suspected of killing his grandmother
The teen is also suspected of killing his grandmother before unleashing the school shooting rampage, three law enforcement sources confirmed to CBS News, the BBC's US partner."

As long as Americans cherish their 2nd Amendment rights more than their children events like this will continue to happen.
I believe that Sandy Hook shows this to be true.
As a nation America puzzles me.

So advanced in so many ways and have brought the world great innovations, inventions and achievements, but in some areas of society they are just so backwards.

You can buy a gun at 18, but can't buy a beer.

Rowing back on Roe Vs Wade.

A discriminatory health care system (I've seen reports of people rationing their insulin because they can't afford the $1000 a month it costs).

Teaching creationism as fact.

To name just four.

Biden has stepped up and said something must be done - just as Obama did 10 years ago after Sandy Hook. Nothing meaningful was done then, and nothing meaningful will be done now, because gun ownership is too entrenched into the psyche of many Americans, and there's a very powerful lobby.

Ted Cruz has already stated gun control is not the answer - but at least he sent a prayer Tweet!!!

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Mass Shooting At School In Texas

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