Boris Getting Deeper In The Doo-Do

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Hymie | 20:08 Tue 24th May 2022 | News
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Right now, the only persons in the UK who believe that Boris Johnson was not lying to parliament in his statements re partygate must be TTT and Naomi24.


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Politicians NEVER lie, Hymie!

They're simply 'economical with the truth' ;-)
yeah I had reached that conclusion
but you know even though TTT is gagged ( Like N I believe in Free Speech so long may his gag remain!(*)
they are both doing a ballsy defence of the Lambeth Liar

The problem - whilst I can pontificate without fear of a devastating TTT one liner - is that lack of trust and ridicule is spreading.....
Sue Gray because she is employed in the Civil Service MUST be corrupt and open to unlawful influence = has let the liar off
The Met ( police silly!) must have let off the high-ups and fined only the little people - and certainly not an old member of the Pigshead Club of Oxford. The chief has a pension to think of and the knighthood

and this spread of distrust, I DO lay at the prime minister's door - Cheers Boris!
Yes Hyme
how history repeats itself
Mac and Douglas Home ( too good to be a prime minister!) 1963
Major 1979

and the idea of "we have a right to be in power indefinitely and do what we like"

beware the election of 2024 - that is meant to sound like
Beware the Ides of march
( the knives are out, Boris!)
we have also had a judicious

doggy-do only smells if you step in it
Crikey! Mentioned in despatches - albeit a bit iffy. I didn’t realise Boris was sitting on people’s laps and whooping it up all night long. You’re right, hymie. He really should have come clean about that - that’s of course if he knew about it.
Lol, if he knew about it?
The BBC Panorama programme tonight confirmed everything.
Just in case you haven’t seen them Naomi there have been pics splashed all over the media showing him toasting at a party.
Even a total moron like him will realise that he was at some sort of shindig. The booze, the crisps, the bottles strewn across the table.
As I said earlier, this isn’t ambushed with a cake, this party was gatecrashed by a half-bake. If he seriously thinks the country and parliament will believe him then he’s certifiable.
He’s obviously presided over and positively encouraged a culture of partying to excess and to Hell with the consequences, at any cost. This time it’ll cost him dearly.
Naomi, as you’re struggling really badly with reality and details, here is the former Chief Whip of the Conservative Party Mark Harper to give you a quick précis of what has occurred.
Fatticus....for some the blinkers will never come off. It can be difficult for some to say....I was mistaken.
-- answer removed --
It is frightening but also very sad, Fatticus. I was a little cheered on my visit through Wales and England last week that I didn't come across one person who has a good word to say about Johnson and his friends....who isn't despairing at what is happening to their country.

Maybe it's just the very few we see on AB....maybe.
Well fatti, you might have missed it but I did hear Boris apologise profusely - several times - in parliament and say he takes full responsibility for any wrong-doing in Downing Street - although why he should is anyone's guess since the public pays managers to manage staff. That said, arguing with hysteria and irrationality is futile - and your posts are an example of both.

Gness, the moment I read 'me' or 'I' in your ramblings I know we're going to be battered yet again with one of your tedious me, me, me life stories. Certainly some extensive research conducted there on your short trip to foreign climes - and no agenda whatsoever. Well done.

Incidentally, you should have interviewed me. I am despairing at what's happening to my country but not for the reasons you give.
//Incidentally, you should have interviewed me//

Best seller on the horizon?
Guess it may be titled "Naomi nose"
Good idea, 1ozzy. Thanks.
A small commission would be appreciated;-/
Consider it done, possum. ;o)
I knew there was a reason I nearly liked you,,
Ahh, there you go - almost there - but I can't return the compliment.
Such is life
Lol, shocking spin there Naomi. You heard him apologise profusely?
I and millions of others also heard him deny that there were any parties and even if there were that all guidance was followed at all times.
That’s known as lying, in light of what has now been uncovered.
As for interviewing you, I’ll take Mark Harper’s view thanks, he’s been in Government and is a Conservative MP so he is deemed to have a tad more insight into the machinations of parliament and what exactly has been going on for the past 28-30 months.
He’s in touch with reality at least.
Interviewing you would be pretty dull and and very wearing, Naomi so I'll give it a miss, thanks anyway.
gness "...who isn't despairing at what is happening to their country."

their country - you have cut your ties to the UK then? Right, ho.

I have visions of gness as Fyfe Robertson roaming England and Wales asking vast numbers of the public for their opinion.

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Boris Getting Deeper In The Doo-Do

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