Hungary’s Orban “Imposes” State Of Emergency

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ichkeria | 19:46 Tue 24th May 2022 | News
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In reality extends the already existing state due to Covid

The reasons given don’t stack up to me: anyone would think it was a petty autocrat taking advantage of an already existing state as an excuse.

The irony being that Orban is a hero of sorts to many Covid conspiracists


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I do voluntary work in an Oxfam bookshop and one of the other volunteers is from Hungary.

She recently went back to visit her family and she said that she was shocked at the changes in Hungary. They are being fed news by Russia and the whole atmosphere was negative.

I don't follow world politics much but I have read that Orban is very pro-Russian.
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I have a friend who is Hungarian and she is appalled by him. Not enough are sadly.
When he was re-elecTed he called Zelensky an "opponent" which was extraordinary.
Problem is that Orban thinks Putin is a good fellow innit
Oh Ich
photo in the Times:
graffito on the wall
смерть русским петухам
Death to Russian..... the third word they had was 'rooster' or er cacks....
OR смерть русским петуШам

Clearly Ukrainians who did not like the Russians
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The last six words of your post unnecessary peter :-)
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This is as good a place as any:

Rumour mill: Putin was operated on on May 16, possibly for stomach cancer and has probably only months to live.
SBU head says Putin survived an assasination attempt a few weeks ago: Kremlin in turmoil.
High ranking retired Russian airforce bod (prob Wagnerite) shot down over Luhansk.
Top Chechen commanders killed in Severodonetsk, a city the Russians may take, but probably at Pyrrhic cost.

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Kyrylo Budanov, Head of the Ukraine defense intelligence in an interview says Ukraine will enter Crimea by years end.

He is a glass half full guy ...

I'll stop now ...
He had to fulfill his hearts desire before he died
if only

I thought it was Blood cancer - more likely to fill him up with steroids BUT pre-treatment gives a poorer prognosis / survival
thanks for your input as ever Ich
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I'm just an old gossip :-)

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Hungary’s Orban “Imposes” State Of Emergency

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