Why Did Boris Johnson Not Get Fined

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Stargazer | 18:35 Mon 23rd May 2022 | News
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When all the others at the same gathering have been?


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just lucky, I guess.
it was specifically to annoy the rabid left.
Star. When someone like Johnson has been knocking around in various circles for as long as he has he gets to know things....looking like a gormless buffoon helps.
He knows where many bodies are buried. :-)
a lot of them are still walking round with his knives in their backs, gness
> it was specifically to annoy the rabid left

Like Steve Baker ...
Cake knives, Jno? ;-)
Maybe he's been tested and found to be an actual imbecile therefore not responsible for his actions.
isnt this like asking
why doesnt Boris have one leg
why does TTT use ridiculous names for people so we have no idea what is referring to - "why is foo-foo zwanging the auld lufties?" is a light example
PP talking about post comprehension! PMSL!
Boris bribed the police to look the other way.
[email protected]:24
\\PP talking about post comprehension! PMSL!//

Yep, lol
// Yep, lol// foo lol yeah!

1930 - breaking news - release of photos
( that means boys and gurlz, that photos were taken of the Prime miister boozing with this pals and they are now on TV)

the slant is lying to Parliament
( that means: the complaints about the PM lying have concentrated on lying to Parliament)

Jesus - AB on track !
He's the big cheese.
19.36... Wrong... He's the big Prat .
"When all the others at the same gathering have been?"

Were they?
wonder who will lead labour after Rodders resigns.
Surely you're hoping the police take no action against him?
Oh,the advantages of being prime minister.Hes still a useless,gormless,incompetent git by the way.
It’s called collusion and cover-up.
I believe there will be several more awkward pictures in the next day or two.
It’ll be interesting to see the pattern of Covid infections too and exactly when he and others in Downing St contracted the virus and in what circumstances.
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Why Did Boris Johnson Not Get Fined

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