Why Did Boris Johnson Not Get Fined

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Stargazer | 18:35 Mon 23rd May 2022 | News
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When all the others at the same gathering have been?


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There’s an oft-used edict that I use and it’s that you only ever get one chance to make a first impression. That rings true on here because some of the blind and misguided loyalty to the current Prime Minister tells one all one needs to know about an individual.
He’s clearly a very divisive character.
In my experience I’ve found that lurking on a site for about a week prior to joining will stand you in good stead and gives one a general sense of the nature and character of the users.
Only yesterday ToraToraTora had myself and several others earmarked as Lefties for daring to question the integrity of the current embattled Prime Minister. Clearly deluded.
As I asked, maybe we can resume the discussion when he becomes lucid and rational?
Incidentally, where is he today? I expected a riposte of some kind but it’s sadly not transpired.
He's in the BBC (Bad Boys' Corner), temporarily suspended.
Your concern is surplus to requirements, fatti. This thread isn't about me.
I can assure you I’m not concerned for your welfare Naomi, you’re beyond help.
My thoughts are with the public who are suffering whilst Nero is fiddling.
Thanks for your input.
I’m guessing that’s why some body cried House on the thread last night, it’s now become apparent.
Are suspensions common on this site? What transgressions are deemed worthy of suspension? I don’t want to be falling foul of those in charge.
There is a Site Rules tab to click on if you scroll down to the bottom.
Incredible stuff ...
Insiders who attended events at Downing Street during lockdown have told the BBC how staff crowded together, sat on each other's laps and how party debris was left out overnight.

For the first time, insiders who were at some of the events have told BBC Panorama in detail what they saw.

They describe arriving for work the morning after a get-together to find bottles lying around parts of the building, bins overflowing with rubbish and empties left on the table.

They also tell of events with dozens of staff crowded together, and parties going so late that, on occasion, some ended up staying in Downing Street all night.

And so on and on ...
alas, Ellipsis, I'd have to question "Incredible". I believe it.
You’re all heart, fatti. A veritable pillar of society. ;o)
Fatticus, i cried 'House!' because i was playing 'TTT Bingo' and marking off all his repetitive rhubarb, one by one. His offer to stand the charity bet was the last one on my card. Still waiting for my prize?
> Still waiting for my prize?

It's a free holiday ...
Might like it so much, i'd set up camp there :-)
Lol Ken, it became apparent after Thecorbyloon provided the necessary information.
A suitable prize? I’m unsure, what about a NFG of your choosing, they’re very de rigeur at the moment, though Christ knows why?
Following on from what Ellipsis has shared it seems that the cabinet have inexplicably all been struck selectively deaf earlier.
// Your concern is surplus to requirements, fatti. This thread isn't about me.//
eek! can I cry my fave latin phrase ?
non sequitur!

I take my hat off to Starg. as he predicted by 24-48 h how the hacks subbing Downing St would behave. Surprisingly this time I believe the Winker of Westminister or Liar of Lambeth (Boris that is!) that he just poked his head into a room where a press secretary he had just sacked was having a good bye drink. - Instead of just shouting from his scented Boudoir - "poss off, you useless shagga!"
BUT - - no works parties - no more than two people in a room eating apparently at that time by diktat

Oh and rule 1 of the site, fatticus - no discussing deletions and suspension at risk of being suspended yours........ !!

( o miser fattice etc)

// member of staff who was, I believe, leaving, which in my opinion, is fair enough//
er yeah but no but
it was against skool rules or as we say in the street
against the law

( note to self: the next time I snatch 1/6 from a wee mite smeared with muck, begging in the street, I shall say: I need it, that's fair enough!)
FatticusInch @ 14.19:

//Are suspensions common on this site? What transgressions are deemed worthy of suspension?//

In answer to your question, FatticusInch - anything that a moderator disagrees with, even if your reply is factual and inoffensive.

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Why Did Boris Johnson Not Get Fined

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