This Is Exactly Why Sport Should Stay Out Of Politics

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youngmafbog | 09:34 Fri 20th May 2022 | News
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Whilst I dont agree with this chaps views he is perfectly in his right to have them. In addition the way he is being treated is racist, left eating the left.

Easiest way is to keep sport out of politics.


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I think that it is more important to keep politics out of sport altogether be it bending the knee or having political slogans on shirts etc.
Why didn't he sign for a team in a country where his views would be seen as unremarkable?
^ Certainly at first look he hasn't forced his views on anybody but we are forcing our views on him. If you think he is wrong you are basically saying practising Muslims cannot play in the Premier League - and that's acceptable???
//And this is the strange thing with football. It is very keen on standing up for the rights of the individual, so long as they do not include the right to say no to whatever cause is being championed.//

That says it all.
what about russia being not allowed to play in international competitions ATM? That's sport and politics mixing, but people seem to support that
Question Author
That is not quite the same as competing with a country the world is at war with though is it?

Although I do get your point.
Treatment of individuals and of nations can legitimately differ.
then i suppose all im saying is you CAN'T seperate sport and politics, so you'll be perpetually disappointed.

Personally, im all for wearing poppies at games, but one could say that's mixing the two.
it's not really a tenable position to say "no mixing of sport and politics, except in limited circumstances when i agree with it"
I reiterate my post at 09.38.
Many things need subjective opinion in order to decide something.
oh, I don't like today's kit, I'll just wear something different that I prefer.

And he's got pretty much the response that anyone else refusing to wear a required uniform would.
An outfit designed to make a specific political/social statement that has no connection whatsoever to either club or sport is not normal uniform, Jno. I wouldn’t wear it either.
Keep sport out of politics? I seem to recall that not too long ago, Pep Guardiola was threatened with a fine for wearing a Basque emblem on his shirt. At roughly the same time, EUFA were telling EPL clubs they couldn't wear a poppy on their shirts. But now it's ok to do anything in support of Ukraine.
Clarion, this isn’t in support of Ukraine.
I know that Naomi. It's about Gueye and his situation. But sport in politics was mentioned. I just put those in as a reminder.
Oh, okay.
Because apparently people can't read posts from this morning ...
Generally speaking you cannot keep politics and sport apart and nor should you.
You take each case on its merits.
It’s a bogus principle

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This Is Exactly Why Sport Should Stay Out Of Politics

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