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Dietary education by schools.
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I think it's going to take alot more than that. Education is a great starting point, but I think that if we could make it easier and cheaper for people to get fit - grants for bikes, discounts on leisure centre fee - but *not* a levy on fatty/sugary food (not during a food crisis) is the way to go.
SP, None of that will stop people who like stuffing their faces with the wrong food from stuffing their faces with the wrong food.
Well lets put it like this, Macs have done Russian a good turn by pulling out.
making cars/fuel unaffordable would get the country back on its feet!
There are lots of bikes in good condition and exercise equipment available for nothing on Freecycle, in my area anyway.
The council also provides free weekly exercise sessions in the local parks for people of all ages and weekly gentle walks for the less able. I'm sure my council is not unique.
It costs nothing to get the trainers on and go for walks/hikes/runs - even with the kids.
Getting people motivated to exercise is the hard part, and no amount of free/cheap facilities will encourage them.

Fat has become normal. Not so long ago obese people had no choice but to buy their clothes in specialist shops which were usually expensive and not very fashionable. Now every high street shop sells very large sizes and of course it is easy to buy online. 'Plus size' models were rare and now they seem to be in every other advert. The more we see fat people on the screens the more it will be standard.

if pressure to get thin fades away, and takes anorexia with it, that will not be entirely a bad thing.
When you have massive companies like Macs promoting junk in the from of kiddy meals you are on a road to no where .
But you do have to laugh at Macs, they spend millions on adds telling us of their fantastic recycling methods, but at the same time turning young kids from an early age into walking lumps of fat , sugar and salt.
^in the (form) of kiddy^
McDonalds aren't turning children into walking lumps of fat. Parents are responsible for what kids eat - and for what they themselves eat. People have to take responsibility for themselves - and for their children but they don't. It's always someone else's fault and the expectation is that someone else will make it all go away. Well, they won't.
//if pressure to get thin fades away, and takes anorexia with it, that will not be entirely a bad thing.//

Well, not if it just transfers the problem to obesity. Surely there has to be a happy medium?
I agree with the answers above. It has to be a multipronged attack though.

First and foremost we have to stop with the nonsense of 'fat shaming' . If you are fat then your doctor or teacher etc should be able to tell you. And no I dont mean by being nasty before the usual start.

Firstly start educating children. But not just on food. Enforced 'Gym/Games' for all and non top of that more activities for kids. If you educate the kids its surprising how much will get back to the parents.

As for Gyms, pools and parks the councils have to come to the fore. Stop wasting money on anti car rubbish and subsidise the gyms and stop building on playing fields.

I'm sure there is a lot more that could be done. But before we do a thing, like I said above, stop this so called 'fat shaming' shouting.
fat shaming is not the way to go!
Understanding and provide help is the way to go!
I had a very healthy upbringing - very controlled no fast food very little sweet stuff - a treat once in a blue moon of tablet.
All that did was make me want the stuff that people had more often than I - to the point I became addicted to having it.
I don't know the answer but something major has changed over the last 40 years. When I was at school there were maybe 3 pupils in a year of 70 that would be described as 'overweight'. Some of their parents were just as poor as today if not more so. The tendency is to blame it all on being too poor to feed a family healthily. Absolute poppycock. You don't need money to exercise in the fresh air either, you need the right mindset in the first place and that might be a good place to start.
I am referring to the way doctors are not allowed to say you are fat. The right-on refer to it as 'fat shaming'. That has to stop, if you are fat you are fat.

And yes, unfortunately I amin that category. Too many pies and too much beer. Nom Nom
Somehow reward the people that are not overweight…
There is no answer.
I agree with YMB about 'fat shaming'. If people are fat, they’re fat. Health issues aside, we've had all the 'big is beautiful' nonsense, but double/triple chins, thunder thighs, hanging bellies, and enormous flabby backsides, aren't beautiful. They just aren't.

Naomi sits back awaiting the outraged shrieks of protest.

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