Let's "Level Off" Mp's Allowances

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Canary42 | 16:25 Tue 17th May 2022 | News
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An interesting letter from The Times

Do you agree ?


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Yes. And while they're at it they could stop subsidising the meals in the many restaurants in the Palace of Westminster.
And level their salaries whilst they're at it!
Except Lee Anderson didn't actually say that did he.

Of course you on the far left think if you say something enough it will become true.

Shame really as the underlying problem I agree with you.
//And level their salaries whilst they're at it!//

I agree, they are too low.

The number of MP's should be reduced their Salary doubled and allowances removed, except for basic accommodation and travel for those MPs' who live outside London.

I agree with Sandy, subsidised meals and the bar should go.
I'd like to say yes because I'd love MPs to have to live on 30p a meal. In a country this wealthy though no-one should have to, even MPs.
I hold the unpopular opinion that MPs, of whatever hue, are underpaid.

I’d pay them at least a quarter of a mil, but with the proviso they don’t disappear off to their Inns or Boards or whatever outside interest s they may have.

There’ll be a nasally Guardian or Mirror reader piping up about nurses wages, but that’s a complete false equivalency that should be ignored.
‘Interesting’ letter from the Times…. except that is not what the MP said so it’s actually nonsense…. but don’t let reality stop you, Canary et al. It never has before.

How weird...just saw that a few minutes ago on Twitter.

And the writer summary is correct.

This is what Lee Anderson said, word for word:

youngmafbog / naomi24 - where are you getting your info from?

They're already ahead of you. Rachel Maclean the Tory safeguarding minister (whatever the hell that is) who told us on Monday anyone struggling with the cost of living crisis should consider working more hours or think about getting a better-paying job, is on £104,000 and claimed an extra £218,000 last year.


Expenses are not income though are they?
Bednobs @ 11,52 Get real ..
For once, I echo Gulli’s comment.
SP, //youngmafbog / naomi24 - where are you getting your info from? //

Not from the selectively edited information posted on twitty Twitter!

//He [MP Lee Anderson]also offered an invitation for Opposition MPs to visit a scheme in his own constituency that represented 'a real food bank' and allowed people to 'make a meal for about 30p a day'.//

Offering to teach people to cook and to make the most of their income seems to me to be a very helpful initiative.

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Let's "Level Off" Mp's Allowances

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