Un And Nato Vetoes

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CrapAtCryptics | 22:19 Mon 16th May 2022 | News
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As it now seems that Turkey may veto Finland and Sweden joining Nato why on earth do these organisations like Nato and the UN have a clause that says one country can veto on major issues. To me it seems nonsensical especially with a total plonker like Erdogan.


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Erdogan wants a brucie bonus that's all. They'll chuck him a sweetie and he'll play ball. That's how the game is played.
Turkey thinks she has a veto ( erdogan incredz friendly with Russia)
no one else does

I thought..... they had secretly agreed to boot Turkey out if it tried funny stuff and then let in the eastern bloc
It's a double edged sword but ultimately such organisations are about unity. Therefore it's best that major issues get sorted out upfront with all parties signing up to the new thing than pressing ahead with the new thing and get trouble from the party that has a problem further down the line when we really really need something from them at short notice.
Ah, like dealing with France then.
Tora is correct I am sure

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Un And Nato Vetoes

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