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Good on the Scots, the man is a hero leading from the front and stands for freedom, a universal and honourable aim no matter where you are from. Is Boris the same caliber? Let's hope we never have to find out.
"Zelensky has done big things for Ukraine, he's nothing for Britain, let alone Edinburgh. "

Edinburgh and Kyiv are twinned cities
As Naomi said, there is very little that we, as individuals, can do. Gestures such as this are welcomed.

I wonder if Putin's home town of Petrograd/Leningrad/St. Petersburg will play along.......... and be renamed Putingrad.
I doubt it ;o)
The good people of Edinburgh can do whatever they like, including voting for independence if they want, but we were asked in the OP what we thought of this.
> or Zelenskiy, Elipsis

Thank you, yet another spelling. So it may not be too easy. Presumably we'd go for the anglicised Zelensky Sreet, or maybe Zelensky Way would be better ...
> though Zelensky has done big things for Ukraine, he's nothing for Britain

Why are we giving him weapons then? We don't give weapons to just anyone. We don't do it for him, we do it for us, not for his actions, but for what his actions mean to us. The same reason we'd name a street after him, especially the street that the Russian embassy was on.

> Edinburgh and Kyiv are twinned cities

LOL, that too then.
why are we helping Zelensky?
is this is a credible question?

er because all the eastern bloc countries ( estonia latvia hungary poland belarus are next -) Putin told them during his long speech about reestablishing the old russian empire.

and a large Russian block is very bad for us

jesus this must be AB
Communism, Putin, Xi & more explained - & this was way back in February, this guy from Princeton is definitely imo, the sharpest knife in the drawer;

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