Finland Confirms It Will Apply To Join Nato To 'Maximise' Country's Security

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naomi24 | 13:35 Sun 15th May 2022 | News
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//Finland has confirmed it will apply to join NATO despite Russia's president warning it would be a "mistake" to do so...A formal membership application is expected to be submitted to NATO headquarters in Brussels next week... Yesterday, Mr Niinisto told Vladimir Putin about his intentions, sparking a warning from the Russian president that abandoning neutrality would be a "mistake".//

Will Sweden follow suit .... and will Russia retaliate?


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Could the Turks veto these applications? If so, Russia needn't do anything.
Turkey is the Elephant in the room
What has Russia got to fear from NATO? It's a defensive organization - never would it ever decide to invade any part of Russia without provocation. Then again, Russia had nothing to fear from Ukraine, but that didn't stop their disgusting actions.
Abandoning neutrality would be a 'mistake'...... you mean like Ukraine Mr Putin?
If Russia (for Russia read Putin) chooses to wage full blown WW111 then so be it and goodnight nurse..
Putin's aim is another USSR.

However Finland being a member of NATO will be a major problem for him.

Yes Sweden will probably follow suit and no Putin will not “retaliate” in any significant way.
He can’t do anything about it
It’s thought Russia may have lost a third of its ground forces so far in Ukraine - that’s a third of its entire ground forces.
Putin is out of touch with reality. He couldn’t recreate the USSR even if he wanted to. Even places previously thought more closely allied with Russia don’t want that
Can't - no

However wanting to - yes .

And therefore who knows what irrational action he is prepared to take against a country not in NATO
"Up yours, Putin" says Finland.
Putin has completely miscalculated this whole fiasco. He's basically advanced ans strengthened NATA immeasurably. All he had done is humiliate himself and his own nation. Hopefully they will find the courage to depose him and save their country.
aaaarrrggghhh NATO!
Turkeys, Russian bears, elephants, is there a secret ark building project?
Sweden follows suit ...
No surprise there.

Putin is the cause of this, hopefully some of the Generals will start to take note.
1. Yes.
2. Unsure but suspect unlikely to do that much given the present state of both the Russian military and economy.
sandy's question is still very relevant, though.
I suspect Turkey will be negotiated with and have it pointed out that their minor national squabbles ought not risk the security NATO can bring to democratic nations. It wouldn't be in their own interest to seriously upset everyone else.
Yes you are right I'm sure OG
Sweden and Finland should join NATO. If Turkey objects, they should be encouraged to leave it.

This is one of those moments in history when you have to choose which side you're on.
the Turks' opinions are as valid as anyone else's. They might argue that the Finns and Swedes have had decades to join up and haven't bothered; Turkey joined 70 years ago.

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Finland Confirms It Will Apply To Join Nato To 'Maximise' Country's Security

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