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Khandro | 08:34 Sun 15th May 2022 | News
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In one sense I find the whole Partygate thing a bore, but after Labours continual attacks against number 10, & calls for Boris' resignation, I relish seeing the hypocrisy of the man exposed, & he must face the music & answer these questions.

And don't you just love that 'Line of Duty' photo ?


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Let's see if he's issued with a FPN. If he is and resigns I think a lot of people will judge him as having honour, unlike Johnson.

We really need to see what happens next.
If suspicion or even accusation was sufficient for him to demand Boris's resignation - and he did it relentlessly - he would resign without waiting for any penalty to be issued - which is exactly what he demanded of Boris. The man is crafty, hypocritical and utterly insincere. His departure would be no loss to anyone.
Yes,Khandro,but Starmer didnt make and break the rules like Johnson did in England with his partying and like Sturgeon did up in Scotland with her continual flouting of her own mask-wearing rules.Starmer didnt make these rules,but Bojo and Burney did.
He won’t get an FPN because Durham Constabularly have stated they do not issue retrospective fines. They’re not going to change that just for Starmer.

Starmer knows this, so rather than being honourable, he’s actually being the opposite, particularly as he refused to answer whether he would resign if he was found to have done wrong, but not fined.

He’s a barefaced liar - for
months it was denied Rayner was as the beer and curry social, and then when evidence was produced to the contrary, it was a “genuine mistake”. Utter bullshine.

During the investigation into Johnson Starmer was screaming for his resignation. If Starmer was honourable, he’d resign during his investigation. But he’s not honourable - he’s a hypocrite, so he won’t.

The man is a liar and a hypocrite - completely untrustworthy.
Oh,come off it,DD.(your high-horse that is).Starmer didnt make up these rules.Johnson and Sturgeon did.Both PM and FM are the real hypocrites here.
Aren't all fines issued retrospectively ?
Question Author
His insistence for weeks that a gathering involving himself and party officials in Durham during the pandemic lockdown was a “work event” has been unravelling fast . His problem is that the justification for the meeting, which involved a beer and curry order for some 20 people, is the same as Boris Johnson’s, namely that officials and aides who had been together all day met up for some sustenance.

Starmer’s contention is no different and if the Met police found some of the No 10 gatherings in breach of the law, it is hard to see how Durham police can interpret the same law differently.

DD // Durham Constabulary have stated they do not issue retrospective fines. //

Nonsense I say. If the law was broken, punishment must follow or the Durham police will look stupid & ineffectual.
ynnafymmi, what do you think either of them did that was so wrong? Both were working all day with the people they're accused of mixing with, and frankly it's completely irrational to get knickers in a knot simply because a birthday cake was given or a glass of wine or curry and beer was consumed during the course of, or at the end of the working day. The whole thing is childish in the extreme. The people who are jumping up and down about this need to get their collective brain in order, to stop wasting police time and resources, and to allow the Prime Minister to get on with the job - one he's doing well - and the rest of the country to move on.
he's dug a hole for himself, he knew all along that he too had transgressed but called for Boris' resignation so the honourable thing is to go himself. Not because of Rubygate etc but because he demanded the resignation of Boris knowing he'd done the same thing. If he'd have kept his trap shut he'd have bee fine. Honourable SP? once again the literacy of the left is brought into question.
"His problem is that the justification for the meeting, which involved a beer and curry order for some 20 people, is the same as Boris Johnson’s, namely that officials and aides who had been together all day met up for some sustenance. " - Boris was in his normal place of work, Rodders actually had to go there.
Nothing to see here.Move along please.
I should state that I don't think Starmer should be investigated for this triviality - but then Johnson shouldn't have been investigated either.

But I love seeing Starmer squirm, simply because he was just so bloody sanctimonious about Johnson.
Anyone coming upon these political threads might worry that Britain is made up of a load of extremists. In reality, there are only a few posters, who with the odd reasoned exception, produce the same rant over and over again.

09.17 "Nonesense I say. If the law was broken punishment must follow" But not for Boris ...because he is above the law ////or so he thinks.
very good
I am not sure if 'do as you would be done by' is a learning experience
At work empathy is dead, and my honoured betters and elders only learnt if I did to them what they to me and others
( by god didnt they squawk!). No I wsnt promoted much

it was my duty of course

(It was higher than a duty it had become a pleasure...
the divine oscar)
I like sir keir but its misleading to say unlike nocoland boris he didn't make the rules. he did make them. He voted for them and urged people to follow them... so his a hypocrite to on this am afraid to say
Question Author
ynnafymmi: By using the current Labour excuse that it is somehow a worse offence because "they made the rules" is legal & philosophical nonsense.

A rule is a rule, & it makes no difference who breaks it, the penalty is exactly the same for all.
// "Nonesense I say. If the law was broken punishment must follow" //
nope. complete crap. sorry to do a Naomi on you Gully

the law process is a pathway - commission of act, investigation decision to prosecute ( CPS) , case, guilt finding, sentence = status degradation ceremony

and MANY a slip... the facts are contested by the way

The point of guilt-finding is variable between systems
Japan you dont get charged until they are sure you will be convicted, so the gilt finding is at charging

French revolution the guilt finding was ----- arrest
If you were arrested, they cut your head off

You see ! I did learn something in Criminology 101 in 1973

Durham police have issued retrospective covid fines since Dominic Cummings.

Had these people not noticed that all pubs and restaurants were shut to stop mixing happening?
@09.49.and Sturgeon remember Gully...

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