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Hymie | 16:40 Fri 13th May 2022 | News
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IMHO, it is outrageous that the British Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) continues to lie to parliament, making statements that are demonstrable false.

In relation to the Covid debacle and the government’s unlawful policy of discharging untested patients to care homes – at PMQT Boris said ‘The thing that we didn’t know in particular was that Covid could be transmitted asymptomatically in the way it was. That is something I wish we has known more about at the time.’

In early March 2020 it was known (by the UK government) that asymptomatic transmission was occurring.


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People seem to want to make excuses for Boris on the basis that everybody lies. There is a difference between lying about things you've done and lying about things you intend to do. Boris has lied about things he's done. There is a difference between lying to Parliament and lying to an acquaintance. Boris has lied to Parliament. There is a difference between...
20:24 Sat 14th May 2022
What did he mean when he said ‘in the way that it was’?
Question Author
From one person to another.
He's a right laugh though, ain't he, that's all that matters.
Question Author
Being the British Prime Minster is not supposed to be a joke.
Sarcasm does not transfer easily to the page/screen.
Thank you for putting Boris Johnson in brackets after “…the British Prime Minister”, otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue who you were talking about.
Thank God we have people like you, Hymie, to call him out, eh!
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Most of the British press have given up on reporting his lies – but I’m still here.
16.48. I think he meant they didn’t completely understand all the ways it transmits - and they didn’t.
There seems to be a lot of that in the collective, one could easily think they were busking or fire fighting.
I think I've mentioned once or twice on similar threads to this that you should work on the assumption that all politicians - of every political persuasion - tell lies. It's what they do for a living. They promise the Earth to get your vote, deliver half a hundred of topsoil and tell you they've kept their promise. Just be pleasantly surprised when you discover one among their number telling the truth.

It's utterly pointless continually highlighting the lies told by politicians. You might as well start a thread about the toilet habits of bears when they're in the woods or what religious leaning the Pope has.
I doubt that accepting everything politicians say as truth is the road to happiness and contentment.

Give them enough rope and they'll hang the lot of us.
I am sure we have had this before

I pointed out the difference to "infecting before ill"
and walking around contagious and never being ill

and no one on AB had a clue what I was talking about, and continued to split minute hairs about irrelevancies.

I think he ( Boris the UK prime minister that is!) was referring to the wet cold surface transmission which was the top method because it started in a wet market.

He didnt lie, he just didnt know
Hymie says Boris was lying about not knowing the full details of transmission at that time, so is hymie accusing the Prime Minister of deliberately sending people to a likely death - and by extension accusing the scientists too - since Boris followed their advice and they were by his side every evening for the daily updates? Did they silently sanction it? If that isn’t what hymie is saying his post is completely irrational - and if that is what he’s saying, that’s some accusation so it’s no surprise the newspapers aren’t agreeing with him. Hymie doesn’t appear to have the ability to peer through the red mist that permanently envelopes him for long enough to actually think anything concerning Boris through…. or perhaps he doesn’t want to.
Politicians tell lies - HOLD THE FRONT PAGE!
I find it interesting that Hymie only appears to think only Boris Johnson lies.

As NJ has said, they all lie.

Starmer has been caught lying, Sturgeon lies, they all do. As my teenage son says “obvs”.
I think you need help Hymie, I'm no Boris fan but this is bordering on insanity.

Get a life, as all above have said Politicians lie.

BTW NJ, do Bears still poo in the woods?
^^^Boris has said they do, so Hymie will think it’s a lie.
Question Author
While it might be true that all politicians tell lies – I don’t know why Starmer does not call Boris out for his lies – unless he thinks that one day he might be Prime Minister and he would be held up to the same standard.

Boris’s lies that I have highlight are not promises that he may or may not keep, but are untruths regarding things in the recent past – almost all, he and or his government are responsible for.
After the recent "court case" when Matt Hancock was taken to court alongside Public Health England, the judges in their ruling said. //"This was not a binary question - a choice between on the one hand doing nothing at all, and on the other hand requiring all newly admitted residents to be quarantined.
"The document could, for example, have said that where an asymptomatic patient, other than one who has tested negative, is admitted to a care home, he or she should, so far as practicable, be kept apart from other residents for up to 14 days.

"Since there is no evidence that this question was considered by the secretary of state, or that he was asked to consider it, it is not an example of a political judgment on a finely balanced issue.

"Nor is it a point on which any of the expert committees had advised that no guidance was required.

"Those drafting the March Discharge Policy and the April Admissions Guidance simply failed to take into account the highly relevant consideration of the risk to elderly and vulnerable residents from asymptomatic transmission."
The judges said these issues were not addressed until a further document was issued in mid-April 2020.

They rejected other claims made under human rights legislation, and against NHS England.//

The hopping mad kangaroo court of Hymie(Hi Me)find Boris guilty of all charges mind. Illness manifests itself in different ways for sure.

P.S. The Judges never mentioned or tried to put Boris in the loop. I am informed that he may have been at a wine and cake party when the decision was made.

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