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Hymie | 16:40 Fri 13th May 2022 | News
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IMHO, it is outrageous that the British Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) continues to lie to parliament, making statements that are demonstrable false.

In relation to the Covid debacle and the government’s unlawful policy of discharging untested patients to care homes – at PMQT Boris said ‘The thing that we didn’t know in particular was that Covid could be transmitted asymptomatically in the way it was. That is something I wish we has known more about at the time.’

In early March 2020 it was known (by the UK government) that asymptomatic transmission was occurring.


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People seem to want to make excuses for Boris on the basis that everybody lies. There is a difference between lying about things you've done and lying about things you intend to do. Boris has lied about things he's done. There is a difference between lying to Parliament and lying to an acquaintance. Boris has lied to Parliament. There is a difference between...
20:24 Sat 14th May 2022
^^^perhaps because Boris will call out Starmer for his lies.

Starmer has been caught telling lies.
Calm down, Hymie. If you're a British citizen, you'll get a chance to vote for whoever you want at the next general election. Making out it is a 'lie' is nonsense. The clue is in the entire sentence which says 'in the way that it was.' You or I have no idea what the PM meant by that. Opposition MP's have the chance to call the PM out and ask him what he meant by this statement, if they wish to.
Btw ... In Wales 1,097 patients were sent to care homes, by the Welsh health Boards, untested with catastrophic results, even NHS Borders moved 68 untested patients into care homes in the same period. Same result. They are still working on a way of blaming it on Boris in Holyrood Hoose and Cardiff. But the more I look the more I see the NHS writ large all over it. Just think, we stood out in the rain and gave them the clap as well. Meehh.
18.18 Judging by most of your posts .I think you are the teenage son.
Question Author
Hazi-Hammenuhoth, I was unaware that if I vote for someone else other than Boris at the next general election, he is out – Boris is toast.
I can’t believe I’m engaging with it, but here goes…

Gulliver, do you think it’s only Boris that lies?
// Gulliver, do you think it’s only Boris that lies?//
very relevant to the question of Boris lying like a good'un

You see Hyme, if there are damned liars ( just ie back and try to think of it) on AB ..... then it makes Boris's lies and lies and lies somehow more bearable (fac)
Hyme my sweet
wipe the spittle off your face for a moment

at a GE ( general election that is!) - you vote for a local candidate and NOT Boris. always been like that.
Wilson tried a presidential campaign 1970 ( cries of foo who he den, what dat den and when dat den, emerge from the crowd) against Heath ( who he....)
and he lost!

wilson did ( that is!) egg all over his face
He also tried - not mentioning Heath ( Selsdon man etc) which didnt work ( more egg)

sozza readers just reminding people I got History O level
( cries of "I did an ology!")
// I can’t believe I’m engaging with it, but here goes…//
I do not wish to intrude on your most private thoughts DD but on AB you read something and think o god that is the most total crap I cant let it pass....
others lying is a non sequitur considering if Boris lies
There are non so blind,,,,,
Deskdiary @ 21.27
"Gulliver do you think it's only Boris that lies"
Where on this thread have I posted that ????
Kindly get your facts correct before addressing me .
...Thank you..
can you give me an example of an actual porky?
I can. Boris said he was going to stop adds on tv advertising junk food. And supermarket special offers on junk food. He's now decided not to. Yet another lie and U turn.

We've just spent 2 years protecting the NHS, now he's decided ***, let the NHS cope with even more obesity.
Sandra// He's now decided not to//
He has decided to postpone it in order to allow people who are struggling to buy any food.
and what about "There will NOT be a border in the Irish Sea"?
Interesting that with all the political tosh put on here ( which is a supposition as I don't read it) Hymie should think we don't know who the British PM is.
Get real danny and stop making excuses. We were constantly told throughout the pandemic that people with an obesity problem had a bigger chance of dying should they contact covid.
Looks like ttt done a bunk.:)
“When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, Sir?”

Paul Samuelson 1970.

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