Lack Of Trust

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gulliver1 | 14:21 Fri 13th May 2022 | News
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Does anyone actually believe a word that this Tory Party say anymore.
The problem is that this present bunch of Cons record, in delivering what they have pledged is hardly worth the paper it's printed on.
Boris writes the speeches then gets his cabinet to agree with it,but Boris lies so often and brazenly that he cannot be trusted . the cabinet members have to agree with his lies or they are out . End of.


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You get the leader you deserve ?
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Anne, 14.24 No one deserves Boris , no matter what they have done.
"End of"? How old are you?
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15.09.....13 !,
Older than I thought then....
TTT would believe Boris Johnson was telling the truth if he said the sky was green and the grass was blue.

But as TTT would state - such a statement made by Boris would only be an aspiration not a statement of fact.
Gawd there's two of them now.
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16.15 Boris does try to turn black into white , and lies into truth ...get rid of this lying little toad.
lying little toad.

Mmmm toad, thats very pc. Toad is not a term that I would use for him.

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Lack Of Trust

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