What Is Nicola Sturgeon Trying To Hide Here?

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ToraToraTora | 16:10 Tue 03rd May 2022 | News
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//In January 2021, the Scotsman newspaper asked for legal advice received by the Scottish government to be published under freedom of information laws.
The government refused, arguing that it would breach legal professional privilege.
Last week, following an appeal by the newspaper, the information commissioner said the "exceptional" public interest in seeing the advice outweighed the legal privilege.// - sounds like she didn't get the answer she wanted.


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I notice the Question Title has been amended to show the FM's name as opposed to your juvenile nickname.
If the ic has said it is a valid request then we'll find out soon.
It is all boiling over in the cauldron of hate. Ferry contract reveals "suspected" corruption, Prestwich Airport "Nationalisation" another disaster that is costing £billions, and after thinking 'we may as well roll the dice again', the SNP embarks on the Scotrail takeover, finding it desirable to chuck £1.5 a month at a problem they have caused. ♪♪Trains and Boats, and Planes...♪♪
@16.31.Isnt her real name Nicola Murrell?If the Mods or the Ed wants to come this nonsense,then it will have to be Mr Johnson,Sir Starmer,Mr Farage etc.from now on.
As she chose to be known still by her maiden name, what is the problem with that?

Do you believe women who marry MUST use the surname of the person they marry?

Anyway, the SIC has said that only some of the information need be disclosed.
A marriage in name only.Allegedly.
Ynna, can you prove that. ?
Grow up!
Pots and kettles...
‘Pots and kettles. ‘A very informative and sensible reply. By all means share your information .
TCL….. I am grown up. :-)
I'm sure you are, unlike ynnafymmi.
Probably trying to hide things in the same way that Johnson has about parties and who paid for his flat decor, that sort of thing.
Or this sort of thing?
I only found about the farce of the ferries earlier today.

She had her Queen moment at the launch, even through the windows were painted on to give the illusion it was all but built, and 4 years later it’s still not built, the second one is even further behind, and it’s monstrously over budget.

And she thinks she can run a country?

The woman is delusional. I pity the Scots having this no-mark in charge.
Yeah she ( sturgeon ) has to do as the I C says
I was surprised that she was only considering it

nothing like shining a light on the dark recesses of govt and administration
Well she has Natalie McGarry to distract us from planes, trains and automobiles for a while.

They really are quite a shower.
with regard to the ferries, there's more -
the ferries are designed to run on liquified natural gas (LNG) as well as diesel; however work on the storage tanks for the gas has yet to start, and the tanks won't be ready until 2025. until then (assuming the ferries enter service before then) will run exclusively on diesel.

when the tanks are ready, they will need to be supplied with 4-6 road tankers of gas every week. the LNG comes from the middle east and is landed at Grain; meaning the trucks delivering it have a round trip of 700 diesel powered miles (for 6 tankers, up to 4000 miles a week), rather denting the ferries' green credentials.
I thought it was
speculation alert
that she had been told clearly that she cant have a referendum on her say so alone

and to try to have one is unlawful

and she has gone on blaarting about it like a good'un (excoriation expected) - whilst her coolies have whispered - "you cant say you will follow an unlawful course of action....."
and she retorts - och aye the noo, you are speaking to the scorts furrrrrst munisterrrrrr
// she had been told clearly that she cant have a referendum on her say so alone //

she can too...... but without the Westminster primary legislation to back it, it won't mean anything. she could declare UDI on the back of a meaningless result, but that would probably mean forfeiting her share of the gold reserve. not to mention being landed with the bill for decommissioning "oooor oil".

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What Is Nicola Sturgeon Trying To Hide Here?

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