Boris Not Of Good Character?

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Hymie | 21:38 Thu 28th Apr 2022 | News
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To break your own law once as Prime Minister is bad enough. To break the same law several times in short succession, as Boris appears to have done, would mean that the British Prime Minister could fail the ‘good character’ test for those applying for British nationality.

The Home Office Guidance of September 2020 explains (p17): ‘A fixed penalty notice will not normally result in refusal [of nationality]...However, multiple fixed penalty notices over a short period of time could demonstrate a disregard for the law and therefore demonstrate that someone is not of good character.’

(plagiarised from the current issue of Private Eye)


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Same up here in Scotland.Wee Burney was breaking her own laws herself.Seems like one law for us ordinary Scots.Another law for the "toffs"in the SNP.
yeah foo
well done
classical jibe
Lorenzo the Magnificent said: "the Lord said forgeev your enemies but had nothing to say about forgeeving your frenz."

and Boris they say, was asked if Caesar's wife should be above suspicion (*) and he replied " Yes but since that is about my wife it has nothing to do with me!" - - ter daaah !

(*) as Naomi might aver: he is above suspicion, we all know he is a damned liar - ter daaah again!

ay thenk yew
08 .13 There is no getting away from it
Boris is an Immigrant.,,,,end of.
Avatar Image Old_Geezer
Being someone involved in creating the law and saying that he didn't consider it was being broken, suggests that maybe interpretation of the law's intent went awry. I can't see that being a big deal, and folk should get over it rather than try to ruin the existing government and expecting to replace it with something far worse for the nation.

Could you quantify or define what could possibly be worse than the current political and domestic situations of the general public right now?
Johnson or Becker ?
Question Author
As I had posted many moons ago (prior to Boris’s current woes), he has demonstrated that he is not a fit person to be placed in charge of the stationery cupboard, let alone the country.

For a British Prime Minster to be of such a low moral character – that they would fail an immigrant nationality test (as set by the British government) speaks more than anyone could ever say about Boris.
right oh hymie! Still you fail to even tell us a porky! bet Boris us terrified PMSL! Tories win in 2024, end of! You and gully can have a sadathon I'll send you a bottle to cry into!
> ruin the existing government and expecting to replace it with something far worse for the nation

The only thing that can replace the existing Government is a new Tory government with a different leader. How would that be far worse for the nation?
Question Author
As tomus42 said in the post below - //This is boring. People who think Boris Johnson doesn't tell lies can't be reasoned with, much like Trump supporters. I wouldn't bother.//

The thread below is still worth a read, along with the links therein.
13:31 Fri, go take your medication.
Question Author
Why should we expect a higher level of integrity of persons seeking British nationalisation – than we do of the person holding the country’s highest office (the Prime Minister)?
Was someone looking for evidence of Johnson telling lies?
Seen on TikTok, found on YouTube.
When accused of lying he doesn’t refute it.

Just popped in to point and laugh. :-)

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Boris Not Of Good Character?

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