Macron V Lepen

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Atheist | 21:24 Wed 20th Apr 2022 | News
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I've been watching it live. The main problem is that the words they speak are faded down to zero and we are left with the voices of the gallant instant interpreters and the gallant arm-waving people who - er- wave their arms and pull faces. So it is difficult to assess the plausibility of the politicos. The p's lips often seem to be speaking fluently, but the poor interpreter is stumbling a bit and making the politicos sound hesitant. The arm wavers look more plausible.

Er... a question, right? Er, what do you think?


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If your French is up to it, do away with the interpreters:
Question Author
Thanks. Buen. I'm not good at following fast French, but I do prefer the real thing so that I can assess the characters better.
Question Author
Buen, that was a really helpful intervention! Thank you so much.
I watched some of it.
Maybe for the fact there was no sound I felt the body language came across more strongly.
I am certainly biased but I thought Le Pen seemed shifty and ill at ease. She kept saying “don’t interrupt me” to Macron when she wasn’t in fact being interrupted. Never a good sign.
Tho by all accounts she came across much better than 5 years ago.
Macron holds a 10 per cent poll lead with apparently many still undecided
Question Author
Franceinfo have carried out a fact-checking exercise (5 Macron statements and 7 Lepen),
Macron scored 4 true and one false (that 80% of aggressions were within the family).
Lepen scored 3 'rather trues', '2 partly trues', and 1 'false' (Emmanuel Macron wants to "put wind turbines on all the coasts, except in front of Le Touquet).[newsletterquotidienne]-20220421-[lestitres-colgauche/titre1]
// I'm not good at following fast French,//
there are slow french channels - France Inter is one ( 24 news)
The party politicals are subtitled - perfect grammatical French promising the earth
esp Le Pen, good dole condition, cheap cheap housing, student grants, no fiddling wivda retirement age ( is it eally 55?)
I had to check this: I was pretty sure it wasn't 55: it's actually 62.
And no surprise to learn that the country with the lowest age is Greece
You can opt to have your pension rights paid out from the age of 57 years, but an anticipation coefficient is then applied.

all the sites say what it is now.
Not much choice a plonker or a Putin lover.

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Macron V Lepen

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