Who Do You Favour For The French Presidency?

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youngmafbog | 12:38 Fri 08th Apr 2022 | News
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The first round is at the weekend, and looks like its set for a low turnout as French voters are not happy with the nominees.

For me it would be amusing to see Macron thrown out, he is on a par with Johnson and Biden for uselessness. On the other hand from the UK point of view I think things may well be worse if Le Penn gets in.


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anyone but Macron would do me but I hope Frexiteer MLP gets it.
//I think things may well be worse if Le Penn gets in.!!

Worse for whom?
Anyone who will stop pussy footing around Putin.
Anyone who'll stop the inflatables crossing the Channel
Yes I saw that poll yesterday.

I think Macron has suffered for his seeming appeasement of Putin.
Le Pen, on the other hand, is a known apologist for Putin, tho I dare say she is changing her tune a bit now.
Then you have Melonchon of the far-ish left and Zemmour of the crackpot right, with Valerie Pecresse, the only other mainstream candidate trailing.
I still think Macron will win. A Le Pen presidency doesn't bear thinking about.
ichi, //A Le Pen presidency doesn't bear thinking about.//

Could that because she is sceptical of France being subordinate to Brussels?

You were pretty insufferable during Brexit, don't now start on Frexit please :0)
Anyone other than Macron!
Le Pen doesn’t support “Frexit” any more.
But she would be bad news as President.
Macron by far the lesser of two evils.
It’s bad enough having Orban (Zelensky is my opponent) in Hungary
Yes Macron is useless. He was useless as a deputy and has got worse with his Napoleon complex. He got in last time because there was no-one else really. Lots of things have changed so much since then - the virtual demise of the left for example and the Communist party was doing well in the local communes when we left - friends tell us they are even stronger now.

I don't think the UK needs to worry particularly about Le Pen, t.b.h.. Doubtful if she'll win. She may drive Macron close on the first round, but the far right has been attracted to Zemmour (not sure if I spelled that right). The 2nd round is where it all gets sorted out - often decisions are made on the basis of the results of the 1st round. If Z is well hammered (which I expect he will be) then his votes will probably go to Le Pen.

So she could win - but there is vast disillusion - remember the gilet jaunes? It really is a wait & see. Best I can do right now. As we all know - things can change in a matter of hours.
France Inter ( you-tube) ( yup Fronce-Antair) do a concentrated half hour of political broadcasts - with subtitles ( French that is!) around 10 am BST

very clear all of them - the commentators say that Marine LeP has a chance
France, like many other nations, deserves better from its politicians. Trump, Johnson, Putin, Biden even, there's something diseased about the political process across the world - stagnant, stale posturing in South America, entrenched corruption in China, Saudi, the UAE, South Africa, the Yemen and Italy, lies and sterile pantomime in the UK. I have no idea how this can be addressed.
We’ve been banging on about politicians since time immemorial.

I don’t think it’s fair to lump them all together.
Zelensky in Ukraine was under pressure until war broke out.
So was Johnson.
So was Churchill.
Zelensky is a hero now. But circumstances changed our perception of him.
They’re an easy target. Some aren’t easy enough.
France's current president shook up the country's political scene in 2017 when he ran without the backing of a major party and won. His hastily assembled, centrist République en Marche party went on to win that year's parliamentary elections too. Macron, a former economy minister under the Socialist president François Hollande, is seen by voters as having leaned towards the centre-right in office.
If Le Pen gets in will the EUSSR impose economic sanctions on France for electing the "wrong" candidate like they are Hungary? I would pay to see that.
This, from the excellent Andrew Neil is worth reading in full particularly, for those in the UK, the last few paragraphs.
Orban’s been sanctioned because he’s apparently tried to make Hungary more like the old USSR.
Particularly the press
What about Eric Cantona? He's good in front of the cameras and can give someone a good kicking if needed!
References are made occasionally on here to the "EUSSR", which is wrong in my opinion. The reference shouldn't be EUSSR, but EUREICH. Germany wanted to dominate Europe prior to WW2 and the financial structure in place now is basically that proposed to Hitler in 1938. In it's early days, NATO had Von Manstein as a military adviser. It's the EUREICH folks, not the EUSSR!
Eric Cantona is making a good shot at acting, watch him in 'Inhuman Resources' on Netflix - a tough film noir.

Re. the OP. if the French don't want to watch their country continue with it's Muslimification, they should vote for Marine, or even Zemour.

See, 'The Strange Death of Europe'
a book by Douglas Murray
"When will we know the results of the election?
An exit poll is expected to be released at 7pm BST. [today]

French pollsters will work with the media on Sunday 10 April to have an exit poll released to the public. This will give a good indication of how the voting has played out and should reveal, if anything, who is going through to the run-off.

The actual results will not be known until a few days later when all the ballots have been counted." Telegraph

Polls suggesting a close call between Le Penn & Macron

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