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january_bug | 19:08 Fri 16th Dec 2005 | News
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I entirely based the assumption of class on a hazy memory of you possibly once maybe saying that your kids went to fee-paying school. That seemed pretty Conservative values to me!

But I do happily concede that it was an utter assumption and evidently was way off! :p :-)

To anyone else reading this - Ed shut the thread that this should be in, so I've had to post up here!


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JB hello. Long time no read.

I love talking about class. I am always at a loss to what class I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are well by the way.

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leftwingers send their children to private schools if there's no decent state school nearby, if they can afford it and with a great degree of soul-searching. Wanting to do the best you can for those you love is non-political.
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Guess it depends on how you define "decent". Mind you, I/my parents had the advantage of living in an area where there were three or four grammar schools locally, plus at least 3 very good comprehensives. The public/state issue was never a decision they had to make, and I'm an only child - so I suppose you can't tell.

I also presume, 10CS, that you're not the sort to blindly assume that Public schools are better, just because of the fees. We should all know that that is not the case and that some of the best schools are state, and some of the worst, public, as well as vice versa.

I skill think Dennis Skinner would rather poke needles in his children's eyes than send them to Public school. But then I could be way off on that too!

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fao 10cs

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