The Bbc Cancels Henry Viii

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naomi24 | 13:30 Thu 31st Mar 2022 | News
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Henry VIII, arguably the most well-known British monarch in history, and certainly one of the longest reigning and most influential to British culture, will be skipped over in a new BBC history programme chronicling Britain over 1,500 years.

According to the producer of the BBC Two series, Russell Barnes, the team 'gave up on Henry VIII' after receiving Turner Prize winning artist Jeremy Deller's flat-out refusal to discuss a painting called Field of the Cloth of Gold. Mr Deller condemned Henry as 'one of the greatest a**holes in British culture'.

Shame on the BBC for capitulating. They should have directed Mr Deller to his bike and asked someone else.


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Exactly - Mr. so-called Jerrycan Deller only condemned himself as 'one of the greatest a**holes in British culture'. Nothing much to be added there.
20:02 Thu 31st Mar 2022
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Well he was on their list, Jno. Shame they didn’t consult you first. It would have saved them all this hassle. :o)
no need, naomi, they consulted Deller and got the right answer.

I'll be interested to see some of the series, though perhaps not so much the Stormzy era.
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They didn’t ‘consult’ him, Jno. He’s an artist, not a historian. They asked him to present a programme on art, that’s all I don’t think I want to hear more of his amateur opinions on history so I won’t be watching. Enjoy.
/// lots more turblulent periods in British history really... ... Henry VIII wouldn't even be in my top ten, ///

But he created the Church of England which still exerts its influence on our laws and customs to this day.
indeed it does, Canary, but you could argue that he just renamed it - as far as he was concerned it was still the Catholic church, just not Roman Catholic. I don't think the doctrinal differences that led to the Civil Wars were really started by Henry, he just wanted people to kiss his ring, not the Pope's
I thought that he was King of England, not Britain.
I can't get excited about 'The Field of the Cloth of Gold' t.b.h.. I would have thought that a better painting to reflect the era would have been Holbein's 'The Ambassadors' (1533). Representatives of the huge, cosmopolitan world that was represented at Henry V111's court and indicative of the massive changes of the time. Henry was 'not a very nice person' (I'm reading Wolf Hall & have finished The Mirror & the Light) but his reign was hugely influential in European History. Surelyanother picture could have been chosen?
The artist was out of order, however, i.m.o..
Wonder if Scottish art will feature? We had our own royalty when horny Henry was around.
Artists eh? What are they like?
there is that, Wolf. As I recall he tried to invade Scotland and his army was there for quite a while, but the Scots took a Ukrainian view of the intruders and they eventually went away.
A lot of fuss over next to nothing. Seems like a convenient excuse to have a go at the BBC.
Henry X111's sister Margaret married the Scottish king - to bring peace and build more links. My vague History reminds me that she was very well liked.
jno 17.54 could you reword this please! as its put me off my tea.
// A history of art, not a history of the UK.//
yeah I had noticed that - Holbein - but I cant think of anyone else.

I was surprised at the refusal to discuss the Field of the Cloth of Gold as there is quite a lot to discuss from the pictures - the field is now flat. However the decoration which I think were carried over to Nonesuch Palace ( nothing left again) still exist in some courtyards in the east ( of Europe) - INSIDE - so survive as the plaster details were sheltered.

misread and misinterpreted by the usual suspects on AB

there IS a fragment of the cloth knocking around somewhere
Hmm can you understand Art if you dont know any history?

Henry VIII's sister Margaret married the Scottish king - to bring peace and build more links. I think ( this is AB with the usual sub O level understanding so I havent looked it up) plan A - ( margaret marries the King of Scotland James IV, wasnt he butchered at Flodden?) was resisted by the Scots. Shades of Ukraine resisting the Russian embrace see above
so Henry invaded ! This was called the "Rough Wooing" - I am happy to have had the opportunity to draw the parallel with Ukraine

As for art history in Scotland - not much before Mary Q of S who HAD been a q of France and educated there. Mary of Guise ( Reine Regent) her mother, had to board on the Royal Mile, and they found her house a few decades ago. Remains are now in the City Museum. Go and have a look. Cold Foggy and a hovel - she ( Marie that is!) must have thought it was the last stop to Hell.

she must have wondered if she had been a fluffy cuddly animal killa in a previous incarnation

( cant find an example of the French renaissance but definitely sparse decoration)
jourdain2 - never knew there were 13 Henrys. Was 8 not enough lol.
Exactly - Mr. so-called Jerrycan Deller only condemned himself as 'one of the greatest a**holes in British culture'.

Nothing much to be added there.
Maggiebee - Oops! :) Yes, more than enough. :)
As to anal references, the BBC need to cancel Huw Edwards for his gaffe yesterday.....'Orf with his head, Master Beefeater,'

Go to '1 hour 49-00 minutes and let it run to 1 hour 49-23 and there's a wonderful gaffe - at least he acknowledged it.

Henry VIII would have had Huw's head quickly removed......
Deller is right to call Henry VIII that, he did a lot of damage. But the BBC is too much trying to be correct again.

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The Bbc Cancels Henry Viii

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