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itchycopark | 16:48 Wed 16th Mar 2022 | News
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No one likes their country being taken over but.. would the life style be any different to the population to what they already had .I mean they would still have jobs homes families being safe shopping etc no one would be taken out and shot.
I don't understand the loss of the country was it worth it


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“ things would have been much as they were”

Would they? Not sure you’re being serious.
If the Nazis had had to conquer Britain, as opposed to Britain making a peace with them, then in all likelihood things would have been very hard indeed with mass slave labour and even mass murder
The 'Bavarian Motor Works ' is strong with a lot of people :-)
I needed - - "the admin worker was handing out official forms with the enthusiasm of a Russian worker" - I knew worker was robot in Russian but leddy worker
A hungarian volunteered Robota
We had to do Russian up to university entrnace standard for our degrees hew explained

Itchkoo has gone down the pub as we dont accept life under Putin really is a bed of roses?
“ Itchkoo has gone down the pub as we dont accept life under Putin really is a bed of roses?”

And I have my thinking cap on.
He’s very fresh for a newbie
Hungary riots 1956
the POWs returned after being sentenced to 10 y for war crimes ( free hard labour) and came back to find.... nothing had changed

and rioted - brutally put down. End of the Kruschev thaw

itch thinks the socialist paradises of the east really existed
Hi Ich - you good?
my spelling is terrible tonight
It's a silly question. I've never seen victim blaming applied to a whole country before.
and drinking Fanta, NJ, a Nazi invention.
possibly, ichkeria; my guess is otherwise.
Question Author
new member yes, followed this web site for months so not actually a newbie
also have a QUORA and REDDIT account plus im in a weekly general discussion group at my local, I asked a simple question to see what members on here would make of it, turned into a farce with me becoming a Putin sympathizer and would have like to have seen Hitler walk into the uk (30 + decades before i was born) way off my original text, there's some great answers on this web site, I have observed over many months (have to say mainly from women)
but one who stands out from everyone else with precise well written and researched answers is Buenchico
If your country is being taken over by an aggressive foreign power probably no one would like it. Life would not necessarily be the same as the aggressor would impose their own laws which could possibly be contrary to those in existence. Religious or cultural laws might be imposed. Someone could be taken out and shot for not obeying new laws. However the "Carnation War" in Portugal was the peaceful takeover by Portugeuse generals that ended a dictatorship that was welcomed by the people but this was not a foreign power invading a country
@10.40."new member yes".Liar klaxon suddenly goes off.
I was going to post about another good German word but looked up 'klaxon' first.

Who knew?
It was a slightly silly question I have to say
"possibly, ichkeria; my guess is otherwise. "

My thoughts are based on documents retrieved from the Nazis after the war which suggest that, unsurprisingly, they'd have punished Britain hard. A lover spurned, almost ...
So, did anyone enlighten you?
Itchycopark, I think the thing you have to ask yourself is would you defend your country from an invading force trying to force you into a way of life you don't agree with? If your answer is yes, then the Ukrainian people are right to take up arms against the invading Russian army. If something similar happened to the UK, I'd fight to my last breath to defend my homeland.

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