Pregnant Ukraine Woman And Baby

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tiggerblue10 | 09:56 Mon 14th Mar 2022 | News
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I know thousands have already been horrifically murdered by Putin but this in particular made me cry this morning.

I feel so helpless and I know many have expressed this on here but this epitome of evil needs to be put out of his misery asafp!


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Sorry Ich. I can’t watch that.
Humans are doing this to each other.
Sorry yes that is graphic: almost as bad as one of his books.
Feel free mods to delete @16.01
ich, I watched it through, thank you for posting it. That should leave none in any doubt over the atrocities of war.

I can understand why some would not view it, but not watching it does not make the truth go away.
I should have put a warning
No, no not at all, don’t remove it. It’s totally suitable that these atrocities are shown.
Absolutely right choux. The post should stay .
I can’t watch it - but it should be left there for those who can.
The guy is nothing more than a bully and a monster. I hope that he is overthrown soon. I can only hope that the military turns on him.

Surely someone has to balls to stand up to this pathetic excuse for a human being (and the military officers that are enabling this inhumane invasion to continue).

Question Author
No, horrifying as it is, it shouldn't be removed.

On the other hand it wouldn't bother me if I saw Putin strung up, Mussolini style.
Whatever happens, tig, I can’t help thinking sooner or later he’s going to meet a sticky end. I can only hope it’s sooner - and the sooner the better.
//Which makes me wonder what sort of a "negotiated settlement" there could ever be with him over Ukraine.///

Well thats a whole thread on its own isnt it.

Do you go for the 'forgive and forget' and save undoubtedly thousands of other being killed or do you go for the hard nose and say you wont ever negotiate anything unless he is tried?

Lets face it, even if Russia carries on, kills many more, and takes over Ukraine how likely is it he would be prosecuted. No one cared about Bush and Blair did they and as for all the other despots in the World?

Difficult one.

Of one thing I am certain.

I want to see Putin dead.

Be it a result of assassination, sniper/shell fire or a lynch mob. I do not want to see him in court charged with war crimes and have to view him sneering or talking his way through his decisions. Enough is enough.
// I can’t help thinking sooner or later he’s going to meet a sticky end//

I wouldnt be so sure. It would be nice but lets face it this is not just him and who actually knows he is giving the orders for these Generals to do this or if they are doing it under their own volition. Not trying to excuse him or anyone, but these are the questions that have to be asked and answered in a calm and collective manner once its over.

And also lets not forget, if he goes who says the successor is going to be better. Could easily be worse so be careful of what you wish for.
Of course I can understand why Tigger and others can't watch it.

Please don't take it down though. Amongst all the inevitable posturing and propaganda, it's obviously real.
I hope as many people as possible get to see it.
//I want to see Putin dead.//

Fair enough, but do you honestly think Russia will be a better place? (See my comment above)
Question Author
I watched it all............felt sick to my stomach and then the tears started!
Kanal 24 reports as follows:

In the evening of March 14, an air raid was announced in a number of Ukrainian cities. We are talking about Kyiv, Volyn, Vinnytsia, Ternopil, Rivne, Mykolaiv, Cherkasy, Chernihiv and Kryvyi Rih. Information about the threat of an air strike appeared at about 19:55.(17.55 GMT)
The FT reports China ready to provide miiitary and financial aid to Russia
youngmaf, with respect, what you and I think is not going to change Ukraine's situation.

If the politicians cannot stop Putin pushing the war forward what will? It certainly will not be AB comments. AB just serves as an update, an opportunity to hypothesise and a place to give vent to our feelings, which is what I did.

I keep thinking of all the Ukrainians who have lost so much and so many. The deaths of many more in humanitarian corridors is the last straw for me.
Just in case you wonder how someone dies in this way

Post mortem showed crushed broken pelvis and hip joint disjointed
(blast injury) - this is associated with huge blood loss internally. (Yes I have seen on since such a queston seems flavour of the day)

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Pregnant Ukraine Woman And Baby

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