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youngmafbog | 17:02 Wed 09th Mar 2022 | News
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Now I'm not generally a fan of Nick Robinson but how he kept his calm in this interview with a Russian propogandist I really dont know.


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I don’t know why we bother interviewing these people.
I’m all for getting a different perspective on an issue, but these people are grotesque and really offer an insight only into their own complexes.
Particularly awful was Natalya Nariochnitskaya on Newsnight just before the invasion ranting about Ukrainian “Nayzees”
Then you hear people like Yeltsin’s foreign minister Kozyrev, and he could just as easily be an EU minister.
It’s scary what Russia has become in the space of 25 years
She's either completely brainwashed or an evil liar.
Strange mind.
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//I don’t know why we bother interviewing these people.//

I know what you mean but I think it is important. These ones offer an insight into how the Kremlin and Party Russians think and we (The West) need to understand that to be able to deal with it and counter properly. Its's not really the 'other point of view' with these ones, it demonstrates the plain and obvious delusion or brainwashing they have.

You’re right of course but after a while it gets so predictable.
And we’re far too polite in return
And how is propaganda generated? An example is this young woman
Well, she's better looking than Goebbels was, but it seems that her job is about the same.
I'm surprised that people are surprised by this kind of state stooge.

They're paid to put out the most ridiculous garbage and stand by it come hell or high water.

Just a short time ago there was a similar machine working in Washington.

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