The Family Bailing Out The Duke

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naomi24 | 09:38 Wed 09th Mar 2022 | News
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//Prince Charles ‘will lend Duke of York millions to settle sex assault claim’…. The financial deal is understood to exceed £12 million, including £2 million contribution to Ms Giuffre’s sex trafficking charity thought to have been paid by the Queen.//

It was previously reported that any payment would go to charity, but as many suspected that wasn't true. Virginia Giuffre is receiving a huge settlement.

Since there can be no way back for Andrew as a working royal, will he go to live abroad abroad with Sarah now … effectively disappearing into oblivion? I think it likely.


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^^^Whether I do or don't is immaterial. I merely said what I thought about V.G. Surely at 17 she knew what she was doing and could have walked away if she wanted to. She could have gone back to the convicted sex offender that she once lived with or gone back to her father.
Ha ha Douglas :0)
^^ I was replying to anneasquith @ 14.36
Totally agree Andres!
Thanks Andres, so many things we maybe disagree on re RF . But hey ho.
// I do. William and Kate in particular are fine ambassadors for this country,//
yes - no - - can we as the ed so wisely says - keep to the thread

dont do the crime if you can pay the dime
do crime and so - - - should hafta pay the dime

The Times mentions that if he ( the randy one that is!) doesnt pay pronto - (prontissimo dunque) by the enda March it goes to trial. AND the times says that Prince Chuck himself has anti-d up the bridging loan
didnt do the crime - - sozza
Question Author
Take a breath, PP.
I hope he does disappear. What a disgrace Andrew brought to the Royal house.
do the crime and pay the dime
he didnt do the crime Naomi and so should have to pay

take a deep breath and say after me: yes I admit I have no idea what the difference between a crime and a civil wrong is - - and breathe ....

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// I do. William and Kate in particular are fine ambassadors for this country //

They seem like decent people and they use the platform they have well but I think that idea of royalty even for the ones that don't abuse the privilege it brings is an idea stuck in the past. Far better to have our ambassadors having earned their countless column inches for things other than simply being born, getting married and having children. I'm actually quite patriotic and will no doubt feel proud to be British during the pomp of the Queen's retirement parties this year but royalty's heyday was a long time ago and into the history books it should go.

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The Family Bailing Out The Duke

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