Hypocrisy Or A Simpler Explanation?

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sp1814 | 16:38 Sun 27th Feb 2022 | News
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Yesterday the Daily Mail published a story where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced their support for the people of Ukraine. It got overwhelming positive responses from Mail commentators.

Today they published a very similar story where Harry and Meghan pay tribute to the people of the Ukraine which garnered overwhelmingly negative responses.

So far, so typical...

But now if you look at yesterday's article on the Cambridges all the comments have disappeared!

Why would the Daily Mail do this?

It had about 3,500 when I looked at it this morning.


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No idea
Maybe the posts turned fractious ?

I can only guess that Harry and Meghan got so many negative comments because even though they live in the US the DM UK readers are fed up of hearing about them ?
If you google William and Kate Ukraine daily mail the 3.8K comments are still there
SP, Harry and Meghan could end world hunger, cure cancer and create racial harmony amongst humanity, and the Daily Mail readers (and many on here) would still pour scorn on them. They'd do well to knock the press releases on the head and get on with living their lives.
A message of support and unity should be greeted in the same way, this seems like people who have negative views of Meghan and Harry whatever they do.
I suspect Meghan and Harry were criticised because his speech was all about them - as usual.

Why the comments about Kate and William disappeared I’ve no idea.
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How weird is that!

You're right - if you Google it, you get the same story but with the comments, but if you go to the Daily Mail website and do the same - the comments are gone.

I'm thinking that the Mail realise that people would compare the two statements and clock the wild disparity in responses.
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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tweeted:

'Today we stand with the President and all of Ukraine'

Harry and Meghan said:

'We would like to acknowledge the people of Ukraine, who urgently need our continued support as a global community,'
And the rest …
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Err...okay. Not sure what you mean. You could have a look at the links for context though. Harry and Meghan came out with that line whilst accepting an award - they made no further mention of the invasion apart from that line which I think was commendable.
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As too was the comment from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I don't think it's political - it's humanitarian.
I didn’t say it was political.
This is a non-story really

As I said it would appear that now H&M have disappeared off into the sunset the vast majority of UK citizens neither want to hear about them nor give two hours about what they are up to

They wanted a normal life free from media scrutiny

They ought to stop courting it
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I wasn't suggesting you were.I was referencing some of the points raised in the Cambridge article.

The headline reads:

"William and Kate tweet support for Kyiv in a rare political comment"
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I'm afraid there will always be stories about them in some papers because they're a guaranteed money-spinner.

Here's how it goes:

1. The Mail will publish a story about H&M
2. Mail readers in their *thousands* will head to the story and slate them in the comments.
3. The Mail can increase their advertising rates based on the number of page impressions their site attracts.

Even if all the commentators say "Stop publishing stories - we're tired of them" it'll make no difference. The key is the number of readers attracted to the page, engaging and leaving comments.

The headline is right. A political comment from William and Kate is rare.
I wouldn't bother trying to understand it SP. Just accept that "Hater's gonna hate", shake your head and move on.
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If you don’t understand people’s disdain for Harry & Meghan, mozz, you should at least try to understand SP’s motivation. From his previous performances over the years I’d hazard a guess he’s just about to launch us down the racist route. That’s what his ‘simpler explanations’ usually amount to.
Well, sp's "motives" are his own business, but he's made no mention of racism thus far. Am I right in thinking SP is non-caucasian? If so, I'm probably also right in thinking he has a more experience of racism than a couple of white English folk. We all have topics which are personal to us.
It would have seemed ungrateful to their hosts, the NAACP to have monopolised their acceptance speech with talk of unity with Ukraine, but as we've already established - whatever they did it will have been harshly judged.

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