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So sad for her, legend in On the Buses, awful way to go, RIP.
Oh hell that is awful, poor lady. RIP Anna x
Awful news, tragic way to die.

RIP Anna

Dreadful news, so sad. RIP Anna.
Hopefully she died of smoke inhalation and knew nothing about it. I liked her
Aww, so very sad. Loved her in the series On The Buses.
RIP Anna.
Sounds like she was fully aware but to frail to escape it she had carers 4 times a day. Very very sad
You haven't read the link have you Barry? She was shouting, "Help me Help me".

Poor lady. R.I.P.
I read a different link earlier and there was no mention of that, so thank you, lb.
I recall reading that Babs Windsor left Anna £1,000 in her will and I can understand why now. Dreadfully sad way to leave this world.
Such sad news. A horrible way for a live to end. I loved On The Buses and she was so funny in it. RIP Anna
The last of the main cast from OTB. It shows how time marches on, the last episode was aired in May 1973.

Michael Robbins died 1992 aged 62 (prostate cancer)
Doris Hare died 2000 aged 95 (natural causes)
Bob Grant died 2003 aged 71 (suicide)
Reg Varney died 2008 aged 92 (chest infection)
Stephen Lewis died 2015 aged 88 ("peacefully")
Barry, I forgive you;-))
Awful circumstances, poor woman!

RIP Anna
// Hopefully she died of smoke inhalation and knew nothing about it. I liked her//

very likely - old furnture stuffing gives it off when burning smouldering.
It really was a horrible way to go. But just one of many in this country each year. Think of Grenfel Tower.
Poor lady. Awful, just awful.

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