Did Kevin Spacey Really Rape Someone Like Anthony Rapp?

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CuriousOneAgain | 21:09 Thu 27th Jan 2022 | News
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Was any sexual penetration involved or was it just groping only?


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only the people involved know.
is this news? more like olds
You'd have to look at the wording of the laws wherever this comes to court. They may not tally with those in force in Buckinghamshire.
agree jno
re read smith + hogan
Do you know what the legal definition of rape is, in relation to this?
too much detail -dont tell - yes I do

I have always regarded it to be a male V Jiuffre case - all the parties knew what was going on - and someone has come back for a second fee
Should this really be in News? And how has a new user got an avatar already?
If you have a Gravatar avatar then it will appear on your profile wherever you go on the net but won't appear on your posts on AB until you have met the qualifications.
It's showing on my screen, a large "A1". Can't you see it Mamya?
Only on their profile not on this page.

How odd that you can see it.
I'm on a Mac, if you're not, perhaps that's the answer.

I'm just happy I can see it today:-)
That may be the answer.
I'm on a Mac and can only see it on the profile, not on the post.
If it is the same person, they've changed gender.
A bit like you Doug. :-)
A transpostite? Night.

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Did Kevin Spacey Really Rape Someone Like Anthony Rapp?

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