Are We Bovvered Are We Scared?

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Roobaba | 09:33 Thu 27th Jan 2022 | News
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What is the quantum apocalypse and should we be scared?

The future holds many scary things, predicted, plus known unknowns, unknown unknowns
the unknowable and other things besides.. it's exciting but scary at the same time.

Are you scared? If you are scared, what of?

The Quantum Apocalypse is a good place to start.


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We ought to be concerned

Imagine if weaponised AI got involved ?

Even Stephen Hawking opined that the biggest threat to the human race was AI

Having watched the Are You Scared Yet Human prog in iplayer I can understand why
wow, Donald Rumsfeld is a member!
I'm not scared - I won't be around!
Play Watch dog Legion - that should scare the pants of you! :-)
No more scared than I was for the year 2000 bug.

That stated there are personal rights issues to be considered. Not good if governments can know everything about each citizen. Let alone terrorist and conmen types. But I'm sure well be prepared for the latter, more or less. The former: less sure of as government incentive isn't so high.
I DO think we have become much too dependent on the internet. If the www went AWOL - sabotaged or whatever life as we know it would grind to a halt. No access to money, cards don't work, shops can't get goods, transport infrastructure stops working, no phones, no energy supplies, TV & Radio would probably cease. There would be panic throughout the developed world & beyond. Complete catastrophe. Could it happen?

and no AB !!!!!!!!!!
I'm guessing 'panic throughout the world' then.
I'll be 74 in August and the Apocalypse has been prophesied more times then I remember,still I suppose it will happen one day.
When the aliens come back for their stolen tech (reverse engineering), I'll be afraid.
Parking sensors are alien technology?

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Are We Bovvered Are We Scared?

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