When Is The Media Going To Focus On The Serious Things That Are Happening?

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ToraToraTora | 13:36 Wed 26th Jan 2022 | News
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Putin is about to start WW3, the Yanks and NATO are preparing what to do when he does. There must be hundreds or stories surrounding this yet what are our media obsessed with? An 18 month old birthday cake. Putin must be splitting his sides!


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//And are you seriously telling me TGL would have done what Johnson has done?// No she would not have. And more than that, anybody she caught doing what other ministers and officials have done would have been handbagged within an inch of their lives. On top of that, her policies would not have sought to impoverish the country in order to pursue the ridiculous...
15:55 Wed 26th Jan 2022
It’s pointless speculating about whether Margaret Thatcher would have dine in the face of a crisis that is only an issue now.

But I will anyway :-)
And my guess is she’s have dealt with it head on
// On top of that, her policies would not have sought to impoverish the country in order to pursue the ridiculous.//

you mean Thatcher = Chamberlain ?

well that is certainly a point of view !
Question Author
well pixie, we can predict and extrapolate based on form.
We can all guess. But, nobody actually knows.
pointless what Margt Thatcher would dine on
( fried puteen or something)

The GL went into a restaurant to dine with her cabinet and was asked what she wanted
Oh the roast beef
and the vegetables modom?
oh they will have fish and chips probably....
I guess they may all agree that Russia is going to move in anyway, there'll be protests & threats, then it'll all quieten down, given that EU nations have no stomach for opposition & further ruined economies, and the others decide it's not worth WW3. So they just say things to put themselves in the best light possible in the meanwhile. Nothing happening here, move along please, don't you have homes to go to ?
//No way of knowing what she would have done, ttt. I can only guess.//

Well its certain she would not have entertained the crowd currently in No10. As NJ says they would have been handbagged within an inch of thier lives. And as for Carrie Antionette's net zero guff there is no doubt she would have ever considered trashing the economy and putting people in fuel poverty to achieve such nonsense
Fancy the UK media feasting on the UK's leader breaking his own laws - how irresponsible - they should be covering stuff in far distant lands.
Some people have a strange idea of a party if the picture in the papers
is what all this fuss is about,four people sat around a table in a garden.
//...four people sat around a table in a garden.//

Indeed. But that's precisely what, at that time, much lesser mortals were prevented by law from doing. They we enforced under threat of financial penalties which, if unpaid, could result in a criminal conviction and if still unpaid, committal to prison. There was a chap on the news yesterday who had been issued with a fixed penalty on the very same day as the No 10 gathering, for having three friends in his garden for a beer. Even more galling than that and as I have touched on earlier, those same lesser mortals were prevented from "gathering" for more reasons than just a frivolous drink and piece of birthday cake. They were prevented from gathering with a dying relative or with family members who could do with their company and who suffered mental anguish due to their isolation. I don't really know how much more I can explain this.
Simple. When the lying disgrace has left the building.
I doubt that the Daily Star front page is very high on Putin's reading list right now.
But people were gathering,workers outside tesco,asda, and other shops for a smoke ,patients outside hospital gathering for a cig,
the country has bigger things to worry about then poison being drip fed from a man with a grievance who not so long ago was himself called out for breaking lockdown.
fcc, others did break the law. I mentioned a few days back the woman who held a party on the day of the duke's funeral ... she was fined £12,000 for it. If only she'd held it in Downing St instead of Hackney, where Boris's laws were actually enforced.
Do you not realise the man is looked upon as a clown the world over except for the LITTLE ENGLANDER BREXITEERS and the sad scum of the DUP.
When you look at that photo do you honestly think a party is going on?

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When Is The Media Going To Focus On The Serious Things That Are Happening?

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