No Gray Report This Week

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Stickybottle | 12:04 Tue 25th Jan 2022 | News
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Speculation now that the report must be delayed as a result of the criminal investigation mounted today by the Metropolitan Police

Sky News claims it will definitely not be this week
Bbc report that it is unsure it will be published before Friday

How embarrassing for the government either way

Will Boris do as David Davis suggested before he is allowed to do further untold damage to his party ?


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Perfect for Boris, the delay enables him to reply to every question today, ‘ wait for the report.’
Question Author
Perfect for Boris, the delay enables him to reply to every question today, ‘ wait for the report.’

No doubt the opposition will retort with :
The criminal or civil service one ? Lol
Hopefully when it is ready it will actually be published in full. In might not be.
Question Author
Hopefully when it is ready it will actually be published in full. In might not be.
In light of the commencement of a Met investigation I am sure that they will have to provide the salient points necessary to ensure transparency
Cummings is making sure of that
That said it is possible the criminal investigations will supersede the Gray report which will probably only shore up whatever the Met find or vice versa
Why must the grey report wait util the police report ? Could this be delaying tactics ? And why ?
'How embarrassing for the government either way' Very convenient. Ever watched any of Yes Minister?
anne....because if the Gray report came out first , the findings might prejudice the Met report.
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I wonder if some of those who pushed for an enquiry and then for a Met investigation are now wondering if its actualy got boris off the hook for quite a while...
If that’s the case sqad, does that not iffy ?
No idea Anne.
I saw CD on tv this am. Just how uncomfortable did she look ?
Thats what you get with tickbox promotions.
The terms of reference for the investigation include, "As with all internal investigations, if during the course of the work any evidence emerges of behaviour that is potentially a criminal offence, the matter will be referred to the police and the Cabinet Office’s work may be paused. Matters relating to adherence to the law are properly for the police to investigate and the Cabinet Office will liaise with them as appropriate."

It is clear the investigation, "may be paused" so it does not follow that a delay is a requirement.
Dick is a woman so far out of her depth that the she's definitely drowning, not waving - a shockingly poor performance.

She should sack whoever drafted the nonsensical 'justification' of whether The Met investigate events that are 'in the past', and then do the decent thing and resign herself.
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YMB - I really can't see how you draw the conclusion that I like Ms Dick - she's utterly useless and promoted so far above her ability level she must get nosebleeds - or were you referring to another post?
I wonder if Boris gets it yet. Does he understand, or still think he is above it and us?

I suspect the real villain is his wife, her who wanted the flat done up.
Exclusive. I have the Gray report in full…

// I have fully investigated the events in Downing Street during the covid pandemic.
I have found [ Redacted so as to not prejudice the ongoing Police investigation ].
Thank you, Sue Gray (Mrs). //
I'm assuming (though cannot check because the legislation has been removed from the government website) that the offences provided for under the Covid legislation that are being considered here are "summary" offences (that is, they can only be dealt with in the Magistrates' Court). If that's the case, any police investigation is pointless. Proceedings have to begin within six months of the alleged offence and the legislation was revoked with effect from 4th July last year. This means that any "fixed penalties" which I heard Ms Dick prattling on about on the news can be safely ignored, whoever they are issued to.

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No Gray Report This Week

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