Boris Held Birthday Party In June

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Stickybottle | 21:33 Mon 24th Jan 2022 | News
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Story first broken in ITV
BBC just starting to report on it now

But Boris was only there for 10 minutes

As my niece might say
What Eva !


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Boris is a giant spoilt baby. He needs to be spoilt and pampered or he can't function. Carrie knows this which is why she organised a birthday party for him while 7-year-old girls were cancelling their own. No party and he would have been in a huge sulk and we might have threatened Russia or something. What other explanation is there for a birthday party for him?...
13:28 Tue 25th Jan 2022
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June 2020 in the midst of lockdown

Just to be clear

Did anyone tell Boris it was his birthday I wonder ?
How many is that now?

I work(ed) in a big office with lots of people and they seem to have had more parties during lockdown than we would've had in a normal year.
time to blow the candles out - but does it really matter when Russia is about to spew all over Ukraine, never mind logistic issues at our ports or the impending squeeze on personal finances?
If it was only staff working there anyway and he is the boss, what was the problem? Were bosses prevented from communicating with their staff where they were going in to the office?
Perlease! Just what we need!
24 hour Party people.
How many parties is that now?

Presumably they occasionally do some work when they sober up.
there were 15 known of a few days ago, so I suppose that's 16 now, but I may have missed some (my invitations are still help up in the post).

I thought Carrie was trying to get Boris to clean up his act by sacking Dominic. It sounds as if she's as bad as the rest of them.
What will it take for the Boris fan club to admit BJ and the government’s behaviour was dreadful during the first lockdown ?
I think the Tories are just inventing more parties so that the inquiry will never conclude. That way they'll be able to keep saying let's wait for the outcome of the enquiry forever.
DTCwordfan //time to blow the candles out - but does it really matter when Russia is about to spew all over Ukraine, never mind logistic issues at our ports or the impending squeeze on personal finances?//
Well said DTC!
I know that a lot of Cityfirms regular do drink and drug tests on their employees.
It would be interesting to see the results if No.10 staff were put under the same scrutiny.
A sweep of parliament found cocaine use in toilets used by the Prime Ministers friends and guests.
declaring war is a well-known way ot distracting people from local political fuss. Watch out, Putin!
I wondered what today's little drip-drip would be. I wonder what tomorow's will be.
Which companies are they, gromit? I don’t know any city firms that do drink and drug tests on employees. I know some that ban alcohol but none that physically test their staff. Names?
DTC, priorities? Surely not! I do wish you wouldn’t be so picky. ;o)
Yeah, I Knew that may I know the complete reason for leaving birthday party. Boris Johnson is the all-time fav president.
It's may be omicron or may be it's dark web.
Weren’t we supposed to sing the Happy Birthday song while washing our hands? Maybe that’s what was going on in there.
I don't know what to think about all this carry on about parties. On the one hand I say good on them for trying to carry on having a bit of fun amongst all the doom and gloom and authoritarian finger wagging but then again the hypocrisy does grate a bit.
For the record I worked for a government department and we were subject to random drug and alcohol tests in the last few years I was there.

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Boris Held Birthday Party In June

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