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gulliver1 | 13:31 Mon 24th Jan 2022 | News
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Labour are leaping ahead of the Tories again in the latest opinion poll.
Labour are surging ahead especially in London. .....with the biggest electoral lead in recent years
At the moment 55% of the electorate would Vote Labour rather than Conservative.
......................................The Games up.......................Boris.


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12.33....Don't let me keep you awake with this good news .
Go to bed,... then when you wake up..... you will just think you had a bad dream.
......Boris is having nightmares..............about it.
It's hardly good news. Devil or deep blue sea. (But at least one pushed to get a democratically arrived at decision through, rather than dismiss democracy and try to prevent it.)

If you want to post good news let us know when Farage is leading a party and it is 90% popular.
I can't see Carrie sticking with Boris when they get chucked out, its not likely he will get a job giving after dinner speeches. Err err err peppa err errrrrr pig.
so a Labour victory in 2024 is certain?
I expect he'll get another Tory party donor to sponsor a ghost writer for after dinner speeches and then invite him/her to a right royal party in Downing St.
If opinion polls decided what the govt would be you might have some cause to celebrate.
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Tomus 42 Do you mean .... " who.. the govt would be"??
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The Cons have held onto power since 2010 But the latest polls
suggests the next G/E could very easily see the end of their time in Downing St
......Times up.......... and it's all thanks to Boris...Good
Gulliver, Labour had the majority in London in the last election. It’s winning nothing. For goodness sake. Calm down.
//so a Labour victory in 2024 is certain//

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Boris is trying to compete with Thatcher ,,,, She did an awfull lot of Damage to Britain as well as the damage she did to her own Party and it looks like Boris is following in her footsteps and doing even more damage.
Maybe these should be in chatterbank because thats all this is really

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