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Gromit | 09:40 Sun 23rd Jan 2022 | News
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// Gray may have details of yet another gathering in Downing Street, possibly in the PM’s flat and involving close friends of his wife, that has not yet come to light. Discovery of a 10th get-together when Covid restrictions were in place would seriously undermine Johnson’s attempts to survive the crisis. //

Also crucially, Sue Gray has the swipe card security logs for Downing Street which records who was where, and when they left the building.

Might be an interesting week.. ?


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I’m not sure one more makes any difference. The damage is done.
Followers of the prophet Cliff have long known of these dark days.

Based on Sue Gray’s report, Boris is the one who will decide whether a Prime Ministerial resignation is required – watch this space.
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Thatcher and May both survived a vote of No Confidence, but were fatally weakened, and were deposed shortly afterwards.
If Gray’s report is critical and a VONC is called, he would win the vote, but history tells us that winning doesn’t guarantee survival.
Has she got the balls to write a critical report? I somehow doubt it.
Lol @ Douglas...
I read about this yesterday
Boris is finished
I now believe that the Gray report will have no choice but to find him at fault because if her report mirrors her name and is not quite damning enough then Mr Cummings will no doubt cry foul and play one of several aces he is still holding
In effect he is testing the integrity of government

Boris has spent the weekend in Chequers phoning MPs to gauge and count on their support
I would imagine those conversations were not dissimilar to this :

> Has she got the balls to write a critical report?

Her report is likely to be purely factual (but will it be all of the facts?). We'll then have a lot of palaver about whether the facts add up to a resignation matter. Chances are that Boris and some Tories will say no, other Tories and literally anyone else that cares will say yes, and the bunfight will continue.
13.03. Well .there’s a man who knows what he’s talking about . ?
the sooner the Prime Minister and her husband are removed from No 10 the better.

We can then start rebuilding the Party with proper conservative values and put labour into the long grass for a long time.
Will this still be his defence this week ?
When will the Gray report be made available ?
Will this banger be number 1 next Sunday ?

Massive week coming up

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Carrie On Partying

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