Sue Gray Has Email Warning About B Y O B Party

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Gromit | 14:13 Fri 21st Jan 2022 | News
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A senior Downing Street official warned that the drinks party broke the rules and should not go ahead.
The Prime Minister claims he received no warning.
Sue Grey has ‘obtained’ the incriminating email. Coincidently she interviewed Dominic Cummings yesterday as part of her investigation. Someone has let it be known that she now has the email.

Does she ignore/ downplay the info? Or throw Boris under the bus?


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Ermmmm, /// Someone has let it be known that she now has the email. ///
Wonder who that could be ;0(
Bobbi, with Sue Gray's track record on hiding emails someone is backing her into a corner so she doesn't "lose" this one. :-)
gness//with Sue Gray's track record on hiding emails//
Do you have anything to back this up?
Question Author
Not the same email TCL

After the email which ITV published, a senior official warned Boris Johnson’s PPS Martin Reynolds, that the drinks party was against Government rules, ‘and should not go ahead.

// Top civil servant Gray is investigating alleged law-breaking in Number 10. And, according to ITV News, she has discovered a warning email sent by a senior official to Martin Reynolds saying the party “should be cancelled because it broke the rules”. //
I'm confused. The email given by TCL is the one inviting people, I thought that was a given so not really 'evidence' as such.

The OP seems to allude there is one sent saying it broke the rules. Is that so, is that available to the plebs?
Thanks Ken, cross posted.
Ahhhhhh...thanks for that KEN. I wonder if Sue Gray has a set a deadline for producing the report?

With more information coming to light virtually every day, if she wants to investigate each new allegation, it could go on for weeks.
Cummings is know for the attitude of when a man is down kick him harder. As I said a while back he will drip feed this until Johnson is gone. Carrie Antoinette will make Boris pay dearly for allowing her to ensconce her useless buddies into No 10.
Question Author
I suspect she didn’t ‘find’ the email, but was told exactly where to look.
If I were in her position I wouldn’t be looking very hard to find anything incriminating. Whoever told her where it was, also leaked to the press that she now has it.

Love him or hate him Gromit, Cummings is an excellent strategist, with nothing to loose.

In fact I suspect he is rather enjoying this.
Danny - from a BBC article about Sue Gray :

"In 2015, as the government's director general of its propriety and ethics team, she was described as "the most powerful person you've never heard of".

It was also reported that she had advised staff on how to destroy emails with a "double-deletion" to stop information becoming public through Freedom of Information requests."
Question Author
The NEW email isn’t publicly available. It is private correspondence between No.10 employees. Sue Gray has it, so no point in the media risking breaking the data protection or Official Secret acts. They may not have it, but know of its contents.
Dave, thank you for that, it does look as though she might not be trusted to supply a damaging ( to Boris) report.
From The Spectator (hardly a lefty rag) - more on Sue Gray's inclination to bury the evidence ...

"Yet Gray has her critics and is by no means infallible. Journalist Chris Cook has criticised the lack of transparency in how she operates, noting her enthusiasm for concealing document trails and advising special advisers on how to destroy emails by 'double deletion' to thwart Freedom of Information requests. While at the Cabinet Office she kept no log of why, how or when she destroys documents (contrary to official guidance)"
Yes - if I supplied any evidence to Ms Gray, I'd make *very* sure it was made known via other channels that she had the documents - precisely because of her 'previous' ...
Question Author
If Gray ignores the NEW email and somehow exonerates Johnson, I am sure ITV News will have a copy to publish.
Question Author
Cummings is very tech savvy and before leaving No.10 trawled its servers for text messages, emails, whatsapp messages and CCTV and copied what he thought might be useful.

If Gray has double deleted stuff she is finding, Cummings is one step ahead of her with his cache.
Who is Sue Grays Boss???

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Sue Gray Has Email Warning About B Y O B Party

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