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gulliver1 | 09:15 Fri 21st Jan 2022 | News
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War on the whips..Tory rebel MPs have threatened Police action amid Blackmail claims.
Tory MPs who want Boris ousted ....have been threatened by the Chief Whip that they will have funding for their Constituencies withheld if they carry on trying to topple Boris.
..............................Not just the Nasty party then but also the Mafia Party....................


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These rebel MPs are the younger new intake members,
who obviously have not had time to graduate into the Con Crony Club.

Its called Boris bashing. If you continue to bash me you won't get you're community hall re-papered.
Wakeford was told that if he didn’t vote with the Government, funding for a school in his constituency would be withheld. So he complied and got the school.

Not really the best way to command loyalty. It has just bred resentment, which is surfacing when the Prime Minister least needs it. You reap what you sow.
Any actual proof of any of this?
Kwasi by name, quasi by nature.
Nothing new. The Chief Whips are all versed in the dark arts and have their black books full of scandalous items to blackmail members.
The government is not investigating claims that some Tory MPs were “blackmailed” by its whips, despite a minister’s call for an inquiry into the claims.

After business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said the allegations were “completely unacceptable” and should be investigated, Downing Street distanced itself from his position, saying evidence would only be looked at “if it comes forward”.
I am sure it will be readily available imminently
Apparently No.10 are not looking at the blackmail claims.
Next move to the Tory Red Wall rebels.
Question Author
Wonder if Theresa May has submitted a letter of no confidence in
Question Author
Anything that can lead to the ousting of Boris will get my Approval.
So who would you like to be the new Roey leader gulliver1. Someone even worse so labour can win in 2024 or someone popular like Rishi who may win for the Tories in 2024
Bob, I don't think Labour have any chance of winning no matter who is the Leader of the Tories.
Question Author
It's obvious who would make a better leader than Boris,
....His name is ....."Sir Keir Starmer".......

hmm no thread for saturday 22 jan
have the conspirators stopped stabbing?
I doubt it

one liner alert
Didja say party, gully? I will head out into the garden then! ( bottle in hand)

ter daaah !
what is a roey leader for chrissakes?

one who heads out to sea for France because politics is obviously easier there
Gulliver, your post should really be in the Jokes section.
oh Danny loosen up this Saturday and stop gargling with battery acid

if goodfella Gulliver thinks Boris is a bad bonka, let him say so - unsprayed with poison
French election?
you know Mazoomba - rt wing politician running for President- refused to be interviewed by Monsewer X on the radio because Misseur X had been accused of fondling a leddies bazoomz

yes the interviewer and not the politician
oh, I cannot - - - he sniffed

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