When Donor/Bribes Fail

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Gromit | 22:59 Thu 20th Jan 2022 | News
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The Government have rejected permission to run an electricity cable from France to the UK. Aquind who were planning the scheme have previously…

// The company - which is part-owned by Russian-born Victor Fedotov - and another of his businesses, have donated £700,000 to 34 Conservative MPs since the Aquind project began, the BBC Panorama programme reported in October.
Another director, Ukrainian-born Alexander Temerko, has donated a further £700,000 to the party.


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thanks for the update.
Obviously needed to up the ante
This is the Tories after all !
Aquind's cable, does it connect to a silver machine?
Question Author
@22.46.Only understandable to us older members of AB,Douglas!....."I gotta silver machine,i gotta silver machine",ad nauseaum...
Dooogie is a Hawkwind fan. Who knew!
Rawk! :-)
Question Author
A 50 year old song reference. Just what we need.
C’mon admit it, you just liked the topless backing singers!
Topless backing singers?Never saw that on TOTP when Hawkwind was on.Male or female?
Stacia and the drummer Terry weren't averse to a spot of nudity.

Needless to say in certain venues only.
Remind me again ... why would we want to dig up half of Portsmouth to allow a Russian financed French company "supply" us with our future power requirements? Remember the Channel Islands attempted blackmail, and note how well the reliance on Russian gas is going. The MPs took the money for the attempted bribes and told them to "Foreign Office" ... good for them.
Question Author
The energy is French, not Russian.
We already have 2 power cables from France, though one is currently out of commission.

Buying electricity from France is an insurance policy against our light going out.
//Russian financed French company//

I'm sure I said exactly that. What a good idea. Put a nice fat "cable" under Portsmouth for the Ruskies to eavesdrop on our Naval communications, and trust the French to supply electrickery without using in as leverage at some point in the near future. I would love to have been a fly on the wall at Admiralty House when they heard about the stupidity.

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When Donor/Bribes Fail

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