Emin Wants Downing St Art Taken Doen

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Stickybottle | 19:12 Thu 20th Jan 2022 | News
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Never been a fan of her work but understand her stance

"It's not about a political thing, it's a moral, ethical thing," she said.
"People had to watch their loved ones be buried on their telephone, or be cremated on their telephone," she added, noting how Her Majesty, The Queen had "sat there stoically alone" during Prince Philip's funeral.

This government, they need more compassion," she continued, with reference to the work's title. "That's what they need, not more passion, they don't need more party atmospheres.
"Most of us are obeying the rules in every single way because this pandemic has affected everybody so terribly - whether it's financially, whether it's health-wise, you know, whether it's people dying, and this government doesn't seem to care about that."

Cannot argue with that really


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*dumb ?

drunk !
I hope she has no"artworks"up here in Holyrood or Bute House.Sturgeon,like Johnson has blood on their hands.Damn them both.
Damn wasnt the word i wanted.
In what way is "party gate" relevant to the Scottish Government or the First Minister?
Imagining clearly keeps you happy, stickybottle. :o)
Question Author
In the same way that you imagine those in Downing St were having as hard a time as the rest of the country ?

If they were they were forgetting all their troubles by partying the night away on 16 separate occasions !
Quite right, sticky, old bean. All those clerks and tea ladies and post room boys are multi-millionaires and all untouched by the outside world.

I can't imagine Downing Street will be too disappointed in taking Tracy's artwork down. It amounts to a tacky neon sign - hardly fitting to rest alongside the real works of art that adorn the premises.
Question Author
Yes dear

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Emin Wants Downing St Art Taken Doen

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