Warm Up The Quotation Marks Please.

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douglas9401 | 17:42 Thu 20th Jan 2022 | News
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"Everything comes to he who waits."

Is that OK to be going on with?
“Do not let karma run over your dogma”
No mention of the film he's releasing tomorrow?
Oh dear douglas, this hasn't caught light at all has it?

Maybe 'Tommy Robinson' running out of road is simply too tedious for anyone to care about?

Still, you got his name in quotations - 'warmed up' - so it wasn't an entire waste of your time ...
"Karma is gonna get him and bite him on his bum"
This is Karma
I disagree

This is karma :

Stickybottle - PD Karma is not that stupid. :-)
Question Author
Too easy.
Bigot, thug, hooligan, racist, crook and bankrupt.
Don’t know what his fanboys and fangirls see in him ?
Robbing son Crucified.
I thought he said he was going to make a substantial donation to the victims of the Muslim paedophile rape gangs.Not much chance of that now.

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Warm Up The Quotation Marks Please.

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