This Is How You Lead By Example

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Stickybottle | 14:47 Thu 20th Jan 2022 | News
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Downing Street offered the Queen a Covid exemption for Prince Philip's funeral to allow more mourners to attend but she said no because she wanted to set an example to the nation, it was claimed today.

No wonder he had to make a grovelling apology

Families up and down the uk had to do the same

Utterly shameful


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yes yes
Boris offer Her Maj an exemption....
and HM said no
so he said - oh hell I have one spare - - - I know I will give to the garden at No 10 !


well that one wont last
AJP Taylor of her dear late papa ( o god Geo VI you ignorant proles) - that he was the only one during the war who commuted in order to be bombed

Ay-Jay commented on the system where Geo VI ( his maj that is! then) slept in Windsor and reported for duty at Buckingham Palace every day. And as King didnt do an awful lot (*)

(*) Hey whilsty we are at it
Princess Mary ( I will let you work out which one that is) was at a cocktail party and someone clearly didnt recollect who she was
"oh hello" - and gentle conversation followed
You're well - - yes PM was well
Family well - yes indeedy
and her brother - yes very well...
what is he doing now - - - oh he is still King.....
gawd elp us another partygate thread, ED can we have a section for partygate it's getting kin ridiculous!
Question Author
gawd elp us another partygate thread, ED can we have a section for partygate it's getting kin ridiculous!
Like the excuses of Boris ?
Like it or not it is a news story printed today and whilst the office of PM remains under close scrutiny it shall remain so
Better get used to it until the Gray report comes out
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I'm just sick to death of hearing about this sheet.

It will all ease off within a couple of days of him leaving office
He just doesn’t get it does he?

A daft suggestion, and well done the Queen and her advisors for not taking up the offer.

do I remember TTT setting up to five Brexit threads - every day in order to cover the wide and imagined issues involved
PP find me one day when I did that.
Of course you are sick of the end of Boris threads, because you are a fan and do not want to read it.
So don’t

When Sue Gray drops her Report next week, and Cummings drops the killer evidence to ITV shortly there after, it will end.

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