Is Sue Gray Now The Most Famous Woman In The Country?

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Kardashev | 11:34 Thu 20th Jan 2022 | News
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...she must get mentioned 100s of times a day!


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If not now
She soon may be

My worry is that the report will mirror her name
Probably not.
For one thing how many would recognise her in the street?
I wonder if she, too, has a spider brooch :-)
I’d be willing to bet, were I that way inclined, that her report will be a bit of an anticlimax and still open to interpretation and spin one way or the other.
But who knows
I suspect her report will contain nothing new. That’s going to be left to the media and concerned citizens who seek the truth.
^Those concerned citizens will no doubt ask Cummings, ann. He'll tell them what they want to hear. :o)
Oh, if you say so Naomi.
Nah, still Katy Price.
She'll be infamous when she clears Boris

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Is Sue Gray Now The Most Famous Woman In The Country?

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