Is Pork Pie Plot To Oust Boris Kosher ?

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Stickybottle | 22:22 Tue 18th Jan 2022 | News
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Is Boris for the chop ? Or will Sue Gray save his bacon ? Can a silk purse yet be made out of a sows ear ? Can I find any more pork based puns ?

From the link :

So it is always impossible to know how many of them at any one time really mean it when they say they are involved in trying to make a change.
But it most definitely is the case that conversations about doing so are on the rise.
A group of around 20 MPs that were first elected in 2019 are said to have met on Tuesday, after two other meetings recently, to talk about what to do.

It goes on :

And we don't know that if they did, how close that tranche would take the number of letters to the threshold of 54, that could trigger a leadership contest.
It is clear though, worryingly for No 10, that their grouping has been in touch with other disaffected MPs.
Links across political generations, and across ideological groups, could form a dangerous circle for Mr Johnson.


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Beeb are full of it - but social construct of the Beeb
and has no reality in er reality ?

as judge Judy might say - couldda shouldda wouldda
is nothing like writing a letter and delivering it
// Can I find any more pork based puns ?//

we havent had snouts in t he trough or
feeding frenzy
Have Boris's knees turned to jelly?
The Lord he created the heavens and Earth,
the firmament, land sea and sky,
the flora, the fauna, and Boris and Carrie
as the Bible says, but AB really asks why not Prince Harry
Does it not mention some of Boris' finest designs
that he enjoys, living life to the full,
and without them all Number Ten life wouldn't be a ball,
and in fact would be terribly dull.
Like cheese and tomato, a great combination,
alone, without dressing, they're fine,
and chutney, that's one of Boris's mightiest creations,
on Pork pies, like God, his stories, untruths abound, are divine.
That Cummings apple that hung on the tree of all knowledge,
'don't eat it' was the only parliamentary rider,
Boris and Carrie got a taste, what a terrible waste,
would have been better off in a glass of Cider.
HoC Ale- an invention that's not got a mention
'till Rees-Agog brewed it, though I do have a hunch
that after its creation, twenty Number Tenners rested,
sat down to a fine garden ploughman's lunch.
The PM and Carrie there for the shortest munch.
Question Author
DTCwordfan I like your prose
Methinks it steps on Boss Hogs toes ?

(In this instance I think Boss Hog is befitting because the Big Dog monicker and story from yesterday is just diabolical)
I doubt many will hand in their letters tomorrow.

A lot rests on the conclusion of the Inquiry. If it completely exonerates Johnson , it will look like a white wash. If it is highly critical, Johnson is history. It is a fine line and a deft touch is needed for Johnson to survive.
Gray meets Cummings tomorrow, oh to be a fly on that wall :>p
I expect her report will be wishy washy, and leave the water just as muddy.
If Sue Gray (originally read as Gravy - had my menu specs on) wants to save Boris, she'll tinker and make it wishy-washy, if she doesn't then she'll find he lied to Parliament and he'll have to sling his hook.
I doubt if Sue Gray wants either to save or ruin Boris Johnson.
Ultimately all her enquiry will do at best is buy him a bit more time.
On 7am Global News , rumours that the Tory mp's in the so called red wall constituencies are going to write letters of no confidence.
These things tend to gather momentum the longer they drag on.

It's not looking good for him.
Question Author
Live feed of how the bbc is covering the story today
It has a minor feature on Sue Gray which says she once ran a bar in Northern Ireland and is married to a country and western singer

Rather apt for the cowboys in the saloon of Downing St that she is currently scrutinising !

It seems that the newer Tory MPs are rather miffed with Boris and have submitted letters to Graham Brady
Head of the 1922 committee
It is going to be an interesting day and the Gray report cannot be far from being published
Question Author
Tory rank and file have had enough and are not happy at their treatment :

Some of the MPs elected in 2019, who met yesterday to decide whether to submit letters of no confidence in the prime minister, have decided to send them now, according to one of the group.

The MP said that disparaging comments about them by ministers, more experienced MPs and the whips "took them over the edge".

I can imagine the comments by JRM about fellow Scottish conservatives had a part in it too
Kosher and pork in the same sentence :0/
Question Author
Kosher and pork in the same sentence :0/
Take a look at the first post too
Hope it does not ‘boar’ you ! Lol
Question Author
Latest from a bbc reporter at Westminster :

Having been over to Portcullis House this morning - the building that holds many of the MPs' private offices - I'm hearing wildly different things from different people.

"Strap in", one former minister told me, describing Prime Minister's Questions this lunchtime as "critical."

"It all feels like it's falling apart, " he adds.

There's plenty of ire, too, for the government whips - the MPs set with enforcing the party line in the Commons.

One former cabinet minister said the PM's foot soldiers had "lost control", while another senior Tory said that yesterday's briefing against concerned MPs from the 2019 intake had backfired.

Many Tories are still waiting for the Sue Gray investigation into the various different gatherings before deciding how to act.

But one of the MPs who has already written to the chair of the 1922 committee told me there'd be an "avalanche" of letters from his colleagues today.

Will Boris be done for before the Gray report emerges ?

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