Met Police Refuse To Investigate Criminality Within 10 Downing Street

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Hymie | 21:20 Tue 18th Jan 2022 | News
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From the Good Law Project (reasons for MET police not investigating) :-

First, they say they relied on the Government’s assurances that no rules had been broken. Then, they say there would have been no point in interviewing No 10 staff about the parties because they would have refused to answer questions that exposed them to a risk of prosecution.

In what other crime would police decline to investigate because the suspect assured them no rules had been broken? (or because they would refuse to answer police questions – comment by Hymie) And those justifications can’t both be true; if no rules were broken, there’s no risk of self-incrimination.

For more information see here

The Good Law Project are issuing formal legal proceedings to force the Met to revisit their decision not in investigate the criminality at 10 Downing Street.


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Good Law Project has a high hurdle to get over in legal proceedings. As high as Djokovic
they would have to show no one would have acted thus
Leading case is probably Blackburn v MPC 1968 (*)
which you can find here

(*) catcalls and whistles from the usual suspects and cries of "Blackburn dat de place or da person?" and so on
The whole partying thing has been a disgrace and Boris will pay the price.

But... I am pretty sure that the police would not investigate if I reported that I have video evidence that my neighbor held a house party 18 months ago for 30 people... theyd say it was to long ago and to difficult to get a prosecution .

If it was a murdur or rape yes theyd investigate but not a party

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Met Police Refuse To Investigate Criminality Within 10 Downing Street

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