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gulliver1 | 19:41 Tue 18th Jan 2022 | News
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Wouldn't it be nice if Boris stood at the despatch box tomorrow and said
After fooling the British Public for just over two years ...........The party is now over........
......................My Thatcherite dream has turned into a nightmare......................
........................It is with deep regret but ..........I Resign my position as your Prime Minister........
........Now followed by huge cheers from the benches opposite
.................. and even louder cheer from his own Tory back benchers.


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there are plenty of topics in which posters can fantasize about things they want to happen to their heart's content.
i could let you all know my fantasies about mathew goode. it wouldnt be news though, and i wouldnt post it in the news section.
// Gulliver has been disgustingly rude//
chrissakes what does it matter?
sticks and stones.

Woy says he almost cries whenever I address him as woy
hi woy !
Goodness me, Atheist, you appear to have no self awareness when it comes to rudeness.

I'm walking away from this now because I'm not in the best frame of mind and I could honestly bludgeon my own shadow today. You going out of your way to wind me up isn't going to end well if I stick around.

As you were.
Question Author
Boris always wanted to become the PM
.....But didn't know how to be the PM
Not that you could have wanted to or know how to be PM - your talent verges on paranoiac hatred and this is rather disturbing.
Question Author
Boris wants his reign as PM to be compared to that of Churchill
....................Dreams of Grandeur.. eh! Boris............
what toss, Jonathan Swift.....
Gully can you sound less triumphant when you speak of Boris' issues with lying ?

has that huffy girl flounced yet?
The whole of Barry Lyndon ( Thackeray) good film 1975
Ryan O'Neal as Barry ( Kubrick directs)

is predicated on someone is good at winning the leddy ( the delightful Marisa Berenson) but not keeping her
'For a man caricatured as an evil genius, there is a distinct lack of genius in Dominic Cummings’s evil plan to get rid of the Prime Minister. As MPs congregated in the restaurants and cafés of Parliament on Tuesday, there was a growing consensus that Cummings, having pushed Boris Johnson to the brink, may now have overplayed his hand.

His zealous offer to testify on oath that Johnson ignored warnings about a drinks party in No 10 was meant to be a coup de grâce – but, instead, it appears to have helped shore up the PM’s precarious position.

Because if MPs are forced to choose sides between Cummings and Johnson, there will only ever be one outcome.'
^^ ^^
So true,cummings is a snake in the grass.
a blind snake at that given his need for specsavers...
Question Author
Who would you believe Boris or Cummings ?
......Boris was born a liar.....Cummings was employed by a liar.
Ladycg: 20:15

Sorry you think I was being rude. I seem to have caught you at a bad moment.
Hope you feel better soon.
Are you ready to defend that libel in court, Gulliver? If I was the Ed, I would remove your comment....
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Think PMQs will be worth watching tomorrow .
Bet Boris is in his underground bunker right now with his advisers.
.....Making up the lies for tomorrow.
DTC; it's well known that Johnson is a liar. He was sacked for it twice from right-wing newspapers, and we have heard him at it time and time again. People within his own party and his own cabinet accept it, in fact they knew it before they let him take over. He's plump and unlucky version of Harry Flashman! (look it up!)
Question Author
Not sure who Boris's chief adviser is these days.
... Carrie keeps sacking them.....Or is Carrie his one and only adviser .
I am more than aware of Flashman - bit presumptuous of you or are you of a Rugbeian heritage, Atheist?
Who knows what secrets DC has. Remember BJ employed him and set up that little exhibition in the rose garden .

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