Have You Heard About This Bunch Of Fruit Cakes?

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ToraToraTora | 11:06 Tue 18th Jan 2022 | News
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Never underestimate the power of insecurity, and the need to belong to something, however laughable it may be.
Oddly enough just finished reading it

Often agog at what some people believe to be true
Lovely group hug there.
I've never been too sure why they are protesting against a vaccine. Have it, don't have it. Why stop other people though?
Pix - the reason doesn't matter, it's the feeling of 'belonging', however inaccurate it may be, that counts.
How very free-thinking and individual they are. The sooner they catch a fatal dose the better for the rest of us.
Question Author
It's the poor sods they are dragging out of hospital that I feel for.
Steady Douglas, being stupid should not be a capital offence.
Thanks dad.
Any time son.
When I was at the DWP, one claimant was adamant that any benefit obligations folk have to meet to continue receiving Jobseeker's Allowance, did not apply to him as his address was outwith the UK.

This was based solely on the fact there was no government emblem on a recently received polling card.

I did toy with the idea 'phoning him to tell him he must have been overpaid thousands in Jobseeker's Allowance but passed it on to our HQ in Leeds for them to deal with the idiot.
There will be someone along shortly to argue their stance

In other news Morrisons have become the latest employer to axe sick pay for unvaccinated workers
I thought they’d only reduced it.
I’m not sure about that to be honest.

As for the people in the link …
Good grief
Yes, but... they are also referring to "sovereign citizens", autonomy, choice... and fighting against it too.
I thought they’d only reduced it.
I’m not sure about that to be honest.
The wording on the bbc live feed was ‘axed’
It's just Insulate Britain without the charm, or glue.
Self-regard is another factor in trying to combat that aching insecurity that keeps them awake at night.
Supermarket Morrisons says it has axed sick pay for unvaccinated workers who have to isolate after being exposed to Covid.

It follows similar moves from retailers including Ikea, Next and Ocado as staff absences rise.

Unjabbed Morrisons staff who have to isolate but test negative now get statutory sick pay of £96.35 a week.
they are not axing sick pay if you are off sick though SB? Arent they axing sick pay for forced quarantine time if you are unvaccinated. And in fact, won't people still get SSP?
cross posted.
So, i was right

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Have You Heard About This Bunch Of Fruit Cakes?

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