The 'Parties' Enquiry

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andy-hughes | 18:20 Mon 17th Jan 2022 | News
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Does anyone want to join me in guessing the outcome of the Enquiry - which will be that the government has done nothing illegal?


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Irrespective of what the enquiry says, if the backbenchers think he's become a liability, he'll be on borrowed time.
Sue Gray is undertaking an Inquiry.
Watch out everyone, the grammar police are about.
//What really bothers me is the culture of drinking and partying in Westminster that seems not to exist in the rest of the country…..//No-one else seems to think that they need to 'decompress' or whatever other garbage term they want to come up with, at the end of a week at work, for which they are handsomely rewarded.//

The 'culture' exists across the City of London and the West End as well as Westminster. If you speak to people, especially those working in the international markets which, globally, are active 24 hours a day, they will tell you they work hard and play hard, and they do (although it's a stretch to suggest that having a glass of wine with colleagues is playing hard). Their jobs aren't 9 to 5 and their work ethic isn’t limited to that. They do what is necessary - and more - to get the job done and in doing so they earn a hell of a lot of money for this country. It's not unusual for people to commute very long distances to London offices or to stay there for days rather than hours, leaving only to catch a few hours sleep in a local hotel. They don't clock watch and skip off the moment the big hand reaches the witching hour, nor do they call in sick because they have a sniffle or because their favourite football team is playing and they don't want to miss the match.

Yes, they are often handsomely rewarded - and there's a reason for that. No company pays handsome reward for little result. It has to be earned.

The envious who complain about the rest but who work set hours doing the bare minimum required really don't have a clue. Nevertheless they claim the moral high ground. Well, all I can say is they really ought to be sure they have a valid place on the moral high ground because from where I'm sitting I see little evidence that they do.
Ms. Gray has a 'no nonsense' reputation so let's wait and see.
Question Author
Naomi - If you want to extend my scenario, which includes government civil servants and higher employers only, and bring in the stock market and its workforce, in order to disagree with me, then crack on.

It's an invented argument stretched to include people who are not remotely involved in the "parties" scandal, buy don't let that stop you.

Government ministers and their pen pushers are not city wide boys - your argument is meaningless.
Question Author
Naomi // No company pays handsome reward for no result..

Now who is out of touch.

BT employed a new head of its Global division for less than twelve months. It was the only division to make a loss that year.

His payoff to go away was the equivalent of over twenty-five years' salary at my grade.

Companies do pay off undrrperforming executives all the time to say otherwise reveals your ignorance of how executive contracts work.
AH, It is not an extended argument. You said // the culture of drinking and partying in Westminster that seems not to exist in the rest of the country.//

You’re wrong. It is not confined to Westminster. And all those to whom the culture extends are not City wideboys either.
//Companies do pay off undrrperforming executives all the time//

Not for long. BT got rid of the bloke you're talking about in less than 12 months.
Question Author
Naomi - How long he was there is not the point - he was handsomely paid off for being useless, which destroys your assertion that companies do not pay highly for rubbish.
AH, They don't pay highly for rubbish. Once employed, if someone proves to be rubbish. they are disposed of - as your example confirms.
Avatar Image andy-hughesYes - naomi doesn't know how to argue against something without bringing in something that has no bearing on the point being made.09:41 Tue 18th Jan 2022

Question Author
It's the answer to the question.
I am expecting a total whitewash.

If it is I think it will cause even more harm especially when Dom releases more photos or whatever.
08:45, Naomi, bang on. AH you lead a sheltered life me old china.
Thanks, TTT.

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The 'Parties' Enquiry

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